Caught in a downpour!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Colyn is at the MTC!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 - Colyn had a busy morning, getting last minute things together. We all drove him to the MTC. We could not believe how beautiful the trees all were in Provo. Golden leaves, red leaves, peach colored leaves - We even watched acorns fall from the huge oak trees that are out in front of the MTC. It was a beautiful day! We were also amazed at how busy the MTC was. It was exciting to be among all that busy-ness! Missionaries were coming and going and eating and jogging and helping and escorting and preparing and laughing and directing and teaching and preaching! It was such a comfort to me (Mom) to see all of this taking place. Colyn had been nervous. This concerned me. I wanted him to feel good and be calm about today. But of course, with every new experience, there is much anticipation and anxiety. I held his hand during the closing prayer and put my other hand on his jittering leg to try and comfort him. We were both crying and not wanting to let go of each other. Colyn hugged each one of us - tightly - and he whispered to me, after saying I love you - "I'll be back." We parted our ways and he never looked back. He went his way and Chase and Dallis forced me to go mine. We got outside and again thanked Heavenly Father for the perfect day that it was! We drove away, leaving our prize possession in the Lord's hands!

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