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Monday, January 12, 2009

Peru has a Mcickey Dee's!!!

January 12, 2009 - Last Monday Colyn got to eat at McDonald's!!! Yea!!! Then he went to a store there that is similiar to WalMart. He will be able to get the things he needs while he is in Peru. Colyn ran into an old friend from Utah County. The missionary is Elder Wayt and he and Colyn were in a play together in Eagle Mountain - "Lil' Abner" - when Colyn was eight years old. Elder Wayt is serving in the same mission as Colyn. He no longer has a washer and dryer, so they have a guy that hand washes their clothes. He says it is very dusty all the time there. He comes home in the evenings and his shoes are brown and his pants are brown up to the knees. He has to dust his pants out every night. Like he said, "I am really never 100% clean." He has a new companion, who is Colyn's District Leader, Elder Chocooj from Guatemala. He says the food is the same, but he is surviving on bread.
"I am playing the piano in Sacrament meeting which is good for me."

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The Schnabels said...

What a small world! I am so excited for Colyn to be able to share his talent with families down in Peru. Love ya Colyn!