Caught in a downpour!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Yea!!! Happy Days are here again!!!!

January 26, 2009 - Colyn FINALLY received his package from home!!! He said he was so excited!!! We sent him lots of things and among them was a gummy "Mexican Dinner". He said he chuckled while eating the gummy taco because it was the closest he will get to eating an actual taco for two years. But even better news ... He had another BAPTISM this week. And he got to Baptize two of the family members - The Father and his son who is thirteen years old. Colyn's companion baptized the mother. The Familia de la Cruz. "It was an awesome experience. My first time baptizing. The water was freezing, but I didn't feel anything because I was so in the moment of the experience...(or maybe because my legs were numb). This family is golden and is going to do great things in the church. It was fun teaching this family.
Mom, Dad, Chase and Dallis... This work is so good and true. The Church is so true. This baptism really gave me a boost."


Courtney said...

I had no idea you guys had a blog for Colyn! I'm so glad that he is doing well. It's nice to hear that he's loving it, and that there is work to be done! I'm also so happy for him to have been able to baptize people! Can't wait to hear more!

The Chappell's said...

This is such good news! I'm glad that he is experiencing sucess. The sound of his last letter or email is very encouraging for me - as I worry about my "boys" who are away from home.

Thanks for the updates and for being brave enough to let your boy serve others.

Love you lots,