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Monday, February 2, 2009

Did you know that there is meat on a chicken's foot?

February 2, 2009 - "I ate a chicken foot this week. It was in my soup and I originally thought it was just a normal piece of chicken, but when I put it on my spoon I found out what it really was...I can know testify that there is a little bit of meat on a chicken foot. (It wasn't that be honest...)I can also testify that a cold shower is survivable. (Our new house doesn't have warm water.) Oh, the life of Nacho Libre...This is the life I am living, where if a rat, or a cockroach runs across the big deal. No one gets up and screams, and no one gets up to kill it."
Colyn says that it takes him 1 hour to get to church. While going to church yesterday, he and his companion were shot at by kids with water guns. He says they didn't get too wet, but it did frustrate him a little. Then while riding a bus, a group of kids threw water balloons at the bus and a lot of poeple got soaked. He and his companion got a few drops on them. He says he misses his Dad being there to run after these kids and teach them what's right. He says no one ran after them, everyone just acted like nothing had happened. Colyn moved this week and that was an adventure in itself. They had to organize everything themselves. Getting a truck and such. He says as they were driving along with the back of the truck piled high with their furniture, driving down bumpy, dusty, unpaved roads, he was stressed that they would lose everything. Nothing was tied down because no tie downs were available, so prayers were answered on this trip because they and their belongings arrived safely. He is living with the bishop and he says the living conditions are much better and the house is much nicer.

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