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Monday, February 9, 2009

Chicken Feet and Cow Stomach - Will Peruvians eat anything?

February 9, 2009 - Well this week it was Cow Stomach. Colyn is either really brave or he is really starving. For him to eat chicken feet last week and cow stomach this week - my boy is definetely stepping out of his comfort zone. He says the cow stomach tasted ok, it was the texture that was hard to get use to. He is moving to a new area in Lima this week. His new companion will be, Elder Quiroga.
"I gave a talk in church yesterday on 'Experimenting a Change of Heart.' It went really well and I had an interesting experience. I was about half way through my talk and I was suddenly back at my Farewell, and I felt the presence of you guys. You were there watching and listening to my talk. It was a really tender moment."

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nikkipicky said...

Bailee and I found Colyns blog tonight. She had gotten out his little card with his address on it so she could send him a letter. (way overdue) and I said hey, they have a blog.

It was fun to read and hear all about what he is experiencing in Peru. We will continue to read and enjoy your telling of his story.

-Nikki and Bailee