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Monday, March 23, 2009

"I'm heading to the jungle!"

March 23, 2009 - "This week was awesome! We baptized an awesome couple. Juan and Rosa. I baptized Rosa, and my companion, Elder Quiroga, baptized Juan. It was such a good baptism and they are going to be such a strong couple in the Church. It was a hard trial getting them to baptism because they had to overcome drinking and many other problems that they have had in their family. I was really impressed with Juan because he has changed completely. He is such a nice guy with a strong testimony. They are such a funny and nice couple and they are going to be my friends forever... I participated in the confirmations yesterday and then we went to their house and had dinner and watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. It has been a spiritually awesome weekend...I just found out awesome news... This week is changes and guess where I'm going... IQUITOS!!! I'm heading to the jungle this week. I am so excited. And there's even more great news. I am moving up to Senior Companion. I will be flying to Iquitos this week. I am beyond excited to head to the jungle. It is going to be really hot, but I am going to love it. Happy Birthday Mom, your oldest son is going to the jungle of Peru with mosquitos, and monkeys, and anacondas, and pumas, and pirhannas, and alligators, and every other animal. I am excited... I'll be praying for you as I use my machete to cut through the wilds of the jungle. :) Just kidding. I don't really get to carry a machete, but I will be carrying my Book of Mormon. I love you guys so much, and still cannot wait to see you."

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