Caught in a downpour!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Things are well in Peru!

March 16, 2009 - "My companion and I live on the third floor of a building and I must say our living conditions are pretty nice. We live next door to another companionship and they are also a Gringo and a Latino. I get to speak English at our home with the other Gringo, but through the day, it is pure Spanish. We do not have a pensionist right now, so we prepare our own breakfasts and dinners. Each week we go to the Metro (Wal-mart) and get food for us to eat. We usually get yogurt, bread and jam and for dinner we get chicken nuggets and bologna. In our apartment we have a microwave, dishes and a pure water dispensor. What ever items that need to be refridgerated, we store them in the fridge of the family that lives below us. Each night we buy a 3 liter bottle of pop to share amongst the four of us. We do get to have a little fun.
The temple this week was really nice, a moment of peace."

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