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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"I will go where the Lord wants me to go"

July 13, 2009 - "Hey Amazing Family,
I'm not going to tell you why because you guys are going to receive a letter in the mail this week from me that explains everything... But I'M IN LIMA... I'm not in beautiful and hot Iquitos anymore. I flew into Lima last night and right now, it's winter, so it's a little cold and I've got my jacket on... Don't worry about why I'm in Lima. Just know that the letter will explain everything...Don't worry, I'm not sick... I am completely fine and am super happy right now... I will explain more on Saturday after you have already received the letter that I sent you... :)
I had a baptism on Saturday. I baptized Diana Maria Bicerra Saavedra. She is so cool... My last baptism in Iquitos with Elder Llacsa... :)
I had a group of people send me off in the airport in Iquitos: Yolanda, Anthony, Mishel, Diana, Angelo, Jair, Karla, Analiz, and the grandma of Angelo and Jair, Isabel... They were so nice to travel all the way to the airport just to see me off... :) Mishel gave me some photos that I have to give to her when I come back and visit... It's like a treaty that makes me have to come back... We are definitely going to come back to Iquitos... Yolanda was crying... She cried during Church yesterday, and then at the airport. When I went through security and had to say my last goodbyes to everyone, I also shed a few tears because I am really going to miss them… I have a family in Iquitos… On Friday night, because she knew I was going to be leaving, Yolanda threw me a surprise going-away party. It was such a special night. She invited all of my converts, and my good Member friends… Some of my converts shared their thanks and testimonies. My companion, Elder Llacsa also shared his testimony, which got me a little worked up, because I have lived with him for 3 months… Then it was my turn to say a few words… I couldn’t even get two sentences out and I was already in tears… It was a special moment to thank all of them for being my family from Iquitos… I have so many friends that I am going to miss…
I have to admit that yesterday, there were a few moments when I wanted time to stop and I couldn’t stop it… I was so wanting to just spend a few more moments with Yolanda, Anthony, and Mishel… I know that I always want the time to keep passing, but I have now realized that it is passing too fast… I am loving the mission… I have had the moments of wanting to stop the time; but, just like I can’t speed it up, I can’t stop it either…
I love you guys so much and I pray for you guys every night and please know that you are always in my heart…
I can’t wait for you to read my letter… A BIG Surprise is waiting for you… Know that I am totally fine… I miss the jungle, but just like Nephi, I will go where the Lord wants me to go… I love you so much… Take care and go have fun and enjoy summer… I love you. Love, Colyn…"


The Chappell's said...

Well, now I am on pins and needles - what is in that letter?

It is so great to hear him say that he is loving it and finding that time is passing to quickly. To me that means that he is fully immersed in working for the Lord - and is doing a great job!

Can't wait to hear what's in that letter - I'll be checking back often - or you might have to give me a call.

Jason and Whitney Powell said...

Ok, I’m dying to know what’s in the letter! Jason and I were talking about it and came up with 2 explanations. We’re voting on our first thought which is Colin is the assistant to the president or in the office in Lima. That’s just our guess though. You’ll have to let us know what’s in the letter.