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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Two more children of God brought to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ"

July 6, 2009 - We had 2 baptisms this week! I baptized Carlos Martin Bonilla Tenazoa. His two sisters are already members. He is 19-years-old, and I hope that he will start to prepare to go on a Mission...The other Baptism was Angel Manuel Orosco Montes. He was baptized by his uncle Ricardo, who we baptized May 30. Yes, Ricardo is already using his Priesthood to baptize... it was a sweet moment to watch recent convert Ricardo baptize his nephew Manuel. He had to baptize Manuel three times because he is a little bigger and his whole body needed to go under...The Bishop joked that he had a lot of sins that he needed to repent of and had to be baptized three times... :) No, it is that Baptism has to be done the right way... Two more children of God brought to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ...
I missed being with you guys on the 4th of July...I thought all day how amazingly blessed we are to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth--the United States of America!!! Never forget that we are soooooo blessed to be Gringos.....
Yesterday we had lunch with Yolanda and her family... After lunch, we just hung out with her, Anthony and Mishel.... We looked at photos, talked and laughed, and just had a good time... It was so enjoyable to just spend a few hours with them... Anthony is the cutest kid, and I don't want him to grow up because I want you guys to see him how he is....Wow, I think I'm turning into a parent...not wanting a kid to grow up..... :) I love this family and I am so thankful to be here for the time that I have been here; to get to know them and grow to love them even more..."

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