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Monday, June 29, 2009

"Happy USA DAY...the USA ROCKS!!!"

June 29, 2009 - Happy 8 Months Today!!! :) Sorry I wrote late today... We came in the morning to write, but the LDS website wasn't working. We left to do our activity which was going deep into the jungle area to hike to a jungly area... We read Enos and then all of us had time to offer a prayer in the silence of the jungle... It was awesome. I kind of felt like Joseph Smith, but just in a jungle setting. The only thing I asked of Heavenly Father is that He will keep me going strong and also that He will keep watching over and protecting my family... I honestly can't express the amount of love that I have for you guys and the support and faith and hope that you all give to me... I miss you like crazy and can't wait to see you... This week, I ate a fish called Paco... It was absolutely disgusting... The paco is the cousin of the Pirhana... The cute member served me a head... It was so disgusting... The way it looked, smelled, and tasted just made me want to throw up... Before I could eat it, I had to take out its rows of teeth and its tracheus (throat, I think)... It was absolutely disgusting, but when I get to talk to you guys in person, you will get all the details of the story...We had interviews this week, and I had a good talk with President Pérez. He asked me about what I did before the mission. I told him that I love to sing, dance, and act... He then asked me what type of music I liked. I answered by asking him if he had seen High School Musical... He said that yes, he had... I told him that that type of music is the music I love... He told me that he also loves that type of upbeat, happy music. He then proceeded to tell me that that type of music totally reflects in my personality, that it is the reason I am such a happy, successful missionary... It made me feel good, and I hope it gives you guys a little bit of comfort...
Happy USA Day this week... I want you guys to celebrate this day with tons of joy because the USA ROCKS!!! You guys have no idea how much we are blessed to have been born and raised in the United States of America... A lot of times I wonder... What did my family and I do in the Pre-Existence to be blessed like we have been blessed? I know that our family was already perfect in Heaven, and now that we are here on earth, we just have to perform the ordinances that will allow us to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ... We are a Celestial and Eternal Family!!! :)

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