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Monday, June 22, 2009

"I am glad that we get to go to the Temple and get Sealed for Eternity"

June 22, 2009 - "We had two baptisms this week. I baptized a 14-year-old girl named Silene Gonzales Huayllahua. She has been attending Seminary and Church for a while, but we finally got her into the waters of baptism. The other was a young 9-year-old girl named Milagros Veridiana Lozano Manihuari. Her family has been a little less active, and because she turned 9, she becomes duty of the missionaries... We met with her and her family and prepared her for baptism. I am hoping that her baptism will bring her family back to the Church... The Bishop of Venecia baptized her...We also went to the wedding of Aldo and Mayra... Mayra is the older sister of Angelo and Jair who were baptized on May 2nd... It was a fun night to see the bride and groom all dressed up, but it definitely will never compare with weddings in the USA... Like the reception of Amanda's sister, and Whitney's reception... But, it was still done up for what the Peruvians can do... It was interesting to see a civil marriage because they are only married until death... Here in Peru, it is a law to be married civily... I don't like this... I am glad that we get to go to the Temple and get sealed for Eternity... I am so glad that I am part of the Best Eternal Family on Earth!!! :) This week, I tried coconut... The member cut a hole in the coconut and put a straw in it... I was so excited to drink straight from a coconut because I have always loved Almond Joys and other cookies made from coconut... I was suprised with disappointment... The water inside of a coconut is absolutely disgusting... I started to drink it and immediately knew that I wouldn't make it to the end... I didn't want to leave a full coconut, so I just started to gulp it down... But the thing that makes you gag is that aftertaste... I stopped for two seconds to take a breath and the aftertaste hit me wrong... I started gagging and was about to throw up... I held it in, but I am sure that I looked like a sick dog for a second, trying to hold my throw up in my stomach... It was absolutely disgusting... The problem is that the water doesn't really have any flavor... It was so gross... There are a million other fruits that taste good and we will try them all, but I wouldn't recommend the coconut... Hey Dad!!! Happy Father's Day Yesterday!!! I hope you were able to just relax and enjoy yesterday... I worked like crazy yesterday, and I hung out with Yolanda and Mishel... Know that I am grateful for everything that you have done for me and will never forget the impression you have made in my life...

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