Caught in a downpour!

Monday, June 15, 2009

"Sachachorro - Ginkana - Higado - Mondongo...Huh?"

June 15, 2009 - "We found out changes today and............I'm staying in Iquitos with the same companion, Elder Llacsa. This will be our third change together... And I am happy. We are a good companionship and we get along really well. Last P-Day, we played soccer in the morning on a huge grass field in the middle of a jungle area... It was so much fun... It rained the night before, and so by the end of the game, we were all covered in mud and soaking wet from head to toe... It was a lot of fun. We had a huge fiesta last Saturday with Sachachorro (one of our wards). It's called a GINKANA!!! We had games, prizes, food, music, and it was a lot of fun... I have so many friends in that ward...
There is a disgusting food that I have eaten a couple times and it is disgusting... I am going to give you the names in Spanish so that you can look them up in the dictionary and find out what I have been eating... Just be warned that it is disgusting... People serve us hígado... It is disgusting... I have tried it from cow and chicken, and I have yet to try it from turtle... But I hate eating it because it is just bland and doesn't have any taste. People serve it because it doesn't cost a lot, but to eat it... Oh man, I suffer like crazy... But hey, I've got to eat it... Another food that people serve us is mondongo... It is a little bit better than hígado, but I really don't like it... Be thankful that in the United States, we don't eat every part of the animal... We only eat the good parts... Here, they eat EVERY part... Ugh... But, I only have to live with it for 2 years... Then, I get to come home to you guys and share an amazingly wonderfully prepared meal, with a tall glass of good ice-cold milk... MMMMMM......"

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