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Monday, June 1, 2009

8 Baptisms in May!!!!

June 1, 2009 - "Life is going so good down here. I absolutely love the jungle and I don't want to leave. We had 3 baptisms this weekend! We have been teaching a married couple the gospel along with a few of their kids. Their names are Ricardo Montes Pinedo and Rosa Elvira Cadillo Vela. Rosa was visited by missionaries 25 years ago and they gave her a Book of Mormon. She never had contact with missionaries again, and never touched the book either. She moved to Lima for a while, and moved back to Iquitos 8 years ago... Then came the moment when we walked into her life. We were passing by her house just contacting people and looking for people to teach. Ricardo came running from his house to retrieve us... We followed him to his house where he presented us to his wife, Rosa. He told us that she had sent him to call us... We used this story as a witness that Heavenly Father had sent us at this time to teach them the Gospel. And from there, we continued teaching them. The two of them got baptized... We are hoping that their kids get baptized in the coming weeks... Before the baptism on Saturday, we had a dinner with the family, but before arriving at dinner, it started to rain hard... The roads instantly became rivers, but we had to get to dinner and then follow through with the baptism. We ran through the rain, jumping and hopping through the puddles, which were just growing and growing... It is amazing how much rain can fall... We arrived at their house soaking wet from head to toe. Ricardo instantly took care of us by giving us newspaper to put between our skin and our shirts... It was quite funny. Dinner was good and then we went to the baptism... The baptism went really well. I baptized Rosa and my companion Elder Llacsa baptized Ricardo. :)
We also baptized a 9- year -old girl named Kimberly. Her parents are members. It was another beautiful weekend of baptisms... We finished May with 8 baptisms."

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