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Monday, May 25, 2009

"I love this family and I will never be able to forget them!"

May 25, 2009 - "I have to tell you about how awesome Hermana Yolanda is. She is soooo cool. I love just going to her house to sit and chat and hang out. She always takes such good care of us... inviting us to have some Inca Kola, other drinks, popcorn, cake, and all other sorts of foods... She is such a loving person. She also has two awesome grandkids, Anthony and Mishel, who always wait for us to pass by, and hate it when we have to leave, just like their grandmother. Anthony is 6 and Mishel is 10. I love just sitting and talking with them. Mishel is a huge fan of High School Musical and she gets such a huge kick out of the fact that I know so much about it. I have to tell you about how fun and cute Church was yesterday. You already know that I play piano for Sacrament Meeting, but when I am not playing, I sit with the congregation. I finished playing the Sacrament Hymn, and the passing of the Sacrament was over, so I went and sat down on a bench to listen to the talks that had been prepared. I was sitting alone, and about half way through the first talk, Anthony came and sat by me... :) He is learning to read right now, so I had him read me some of the names of the songs from the Hymnbook. It is so fun to help him learn to read. I also had my photo album that you sent me in the MTC, so I decided to show him my pictures. He was laughing and making fun of me, that I have a cute girlfriend (Whitley), and when he got to the picture of me and all of my friends at my Missionary Farewell, he asked why Whitley and me aren't next to each other. He asked why we were separated and it just made me laugh... He had fun finding me in every picture... "Hay estás tú. Hay están tus hermanos, tu mamá, tu papá..." ("There you are. There's your brothers, your mom, your dad...") He is so intelligent and cute... Then he took the picture book to Mishel. Mishel asked me if she could borrow my book for a while. I told her to just take care of it... I was planning on getting it back at the end of Church, but she left before I could talk with her... We passed by her house yesterday, and come to find out, she took it home to see if Whitley was a famous girl from a soap opera they like watching... She thought Whitley looked like her... :) I thought it was cute that she wanted to check and see if it could be true... At the end of being with their family yesterday, Mishel gave me a High School Musical 3 poster with Troy, Ryan, and Chad... I love this family and I will never be able to forget them... They are Number 1 on my list of people to visit when we come back to Peru... Honestly, when I am with their family, I don't want the time to pass. (That tells you how much I love them because I always want the time to keep passing so that I can see you guys sooner...) I am 100% sure that you guys will love Yolanda and her family when you meet her... She is too good not to love. There are two Returned Missionaries, Gringos, that are visiting the family that I live with right now. They served here two years ago in Iquitos, but finished their missions about a year ago... It has been fun to hang out with them and know that the USA still exists and that life is still totally awesome there... One is already married, and the other has his girlfriend, and both are studying at BYU. They came down to Peru to be interpreters for some Dentists that are coming to do some operations.
I want you to know that I am still doing fine, living in Iquitos, chilling out in the jungle of Peru. I miss you like crazy! I love you tons! I can't wait to see you! Love you guys forever! Love, Coco..."

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