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Monday, May 18, 2009

"This work is hard, but it is also beautiful."

May 18, 2009 - "This week wasn't way exciting... I wasn't looking forward to a phone call on Sunday because that had already passed... And I am already looking forward to the next one... We had interviews with Presidente Pérez, and it was good to talk with him. He is so nice, and always gives me motivation to just keep going on... In his prayer to end my interview, he asked the Lord to bless me with success, because I have the personality to touch the hearts of the people here. Presidente Pérez is a really sweet guy, and I was thankful for his prayer for me...
As a mission, our goal for this month of May is 505 baptisms, or 5 baptisms for every companionship. My companion and I have already had 5 baptisms, but we are trying so hard to have even more... We have to help out the other companionships who maybe are not going to be able to achieve the goal... We are praying like crazy as a mission that we will have 505 baptisms... May 1st, we slept in our baptism clothing and then fasted as a mission the next day for our goal... I have a ton of faith that we are going to do it, but every missionary has to work... This work is hard, but it is also beautiful. And I will never forget the relationships that I have formed with other missionaries, with members, and especially with my converts... :) We are going to have to visit every single one of them when we come back to Peru...It is going to be awesome."

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