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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"I know we will share them again!"

September 5, 2009 -
Hey Family, So I just got on and found out that there was another package that you sent… And it hasn’t gotten here yet. By the hints and clues that you’ve given in your e-mails, I assume it’s going to be a special and thoughtful present. Mom, the mailman is in big trouble. You better call him up right now and tell him that you are the precious and loving mother of an adorable and sweet Missionary in Peru, and that you want that awesome Peruvian Missionary to receive that package as soon as possible. I will be anxiously waiting for the arrival of my package, and know that I will be so thankful for it. Getting a package, or even a letter, is like Christmas in the Mission. It is so fun to receive something and know that somebody cares about you. Send me one a month, and I’ll have the joy and anxiety of Christmas year-round. :) When I get this package, it will be like a be-lated Birthday. I can’t wait to get it…Speaking of my Birthday; it was great!!! I didn’t get to sleep in, but I was woken up to the whole Office Crew jumping on my bed and singing “Happy Birthday.” What a great start to an amazing day. I worked hard, but it was still a relaxing and enjoyable day because it was my Birthday. And President Pérez surprised me by taking us all out to Chili’s for lunch. Ooh, it was delicious. I ordered chicken fingers with BBQ and honeymustard sauce and a frozen strawberry lemonade. It was so good. It was just a fun Birthday, relaxing and enjoying conversation with President, his wife and daughter, and the Office Crew. I gave Sister Pérez my cake and frosting so that she could make it in her house and bring it to me, but I told her that there was no hurry. She was so nice and had it baked and ready the next morning when they came. She is so sweet and made a scrumptious cake. She made it with two layers, with frosting between them and surrounding the cake. It was delicious. So thanks again for sending the package. We had the farewell of everyone that’s going home this change yesterday. Elder Bagley, the Elder from Moroni, Utah, gave a great testimony. I’m pretty sure he knows Grandma and Grandpa Olsen. He’s going home on the 9th. He’s so excited because he’s got a girl waiting for him… So does Elder Rich. I will have lived with him for three months by the time he goes home, and I am sure that he will have tons of embarrassing stories to tell you guys about me. We are having so much fun together and just enjoying the Mission. He is so fun to be around, and we are constantly laughing. The Sons together in the Mission, and the Moms together at home… That’s the way it’s gotta be until the Sons go home and we can all be together… :) We are going to have Mission Reunions for years to come…This coming week is my huge week of the change because it’s CHANGE WEEK. I have had tons of work these last few weeks and still have a little bit more to do before Monday. I’m sending the old Missionaries home, changing the Missionaries that are currently serving, and bringing in the Newbies. This week is going to pass by like nothing. I am going to be so busy, time will just fly…
Chase, have fun with Homecoming and be careful with the new cars. Dallis, you stud. Keep taking care of Mom, and stop growing. I’m not going to recognize you when I get home. Mom, keep having fun with our loving dogs. I know they’re keeping you company, but that they can’t even try and compare with me… I’ll be home soon to take care of you. Never forget that you are the “loving Mother of an awesome Missionary.” Never forget that you are my Best Friend. Never forget that I love you. I love you beyond what words can say. And I miss you even more… Dad, keep improving your work. I know you’ve got it down to an art and that we are so blessed to have such a hard-worker in the house. Take care of Mom and the Brothers. Know that I still look up to you, and that you will always be the greatest role model in my life. I want to be able to raise the same amazing family that you and Mom have raised. I’m going to need your help, and we’re going to have fun doing it. I love you guys so much and miss the laughs and smiles we always shared. I know we will share them again! I love you so much. I miss you. Take care until next week. With all the love that can ever be given.
Your Missionary, Elder Quinn aka Coco

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