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Sunday, June 20, 2010

"...I just need to keep working until the end."

June 7, 2010 - Hey Splendifferous Family,
I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!! It’s super hot outside. The sun is shining super mucho. I am basically sweating to death every day, even though last week on Tuesday it was freezing cold. I put on my good-looking sweater and went out to work. I wanted to wrap up in a big blanket, but here in the jungle, we don’t have blankets because usually it is so hot in the nighttime that we sleep without sheets, and with the fan on full-blast. It was fun to enjoy a day of cold weather. It honestly felt like Fall BYU Football Season just before Christmastime (which is when I’ll be getting home. Wahoo!!!). We went and visited the Stake President and his family (George Brast, Gaby, Helen, Karla, and George). They have a cute little boy named George, and his nickname is Coco!!! I love him to death, and not only because we have the same nickname. He reminds me a ton of Dallis. He has the exact same cute personality of Dallis. They are identical, only that George is only 6-years-old. Down here, coco is the name of coconut, so I think they call him Coco because he has a large head…just like Dallis… Hahaha. Just teasing Dallis. You know I love you. :) But they really do call George big head and his nickname is Coco. They are one of the funniest families that I have met here. And they seem just like our family. I love eating with them every Sunday because we get along so well, and there isn’t a moment where we are all not laughing. We laugh all lunch long, telling jokes and stories, and just enjoying each others’ company. They are a super sweet and a nice family that you guys have to meet.
Guess what song has been stuck in my head? “Greeting cards have all been sent…The Christmas rush is through…But I have one wish to make…A special one for you…Merry Christmas Darling…” from that one Christmas CD by that one family. I don’t remember… It’s a beautiful song though…
You got my package!!! How exciting!!! I knew you’d love the calendar. Are you using the stickers or just a marker? I think the boys can have fun using the stickers for other things and Mom for scrapbooks… I knew you’d love receiving a hand-written letter from me… Oh, by the way, what day did you receive my letter so I can calculate more or less how long it takes a letter to get home… :) I’ll be sending another one soon…
Did you ever get the things picked up from Jonathan Wayt? I would like to know yes or no to not keep worrying about it…
We just keep on working hard in our area and are hoping to have a ton of success this month. Joysi is an awesome lady that works here in the Internet where we write from and she is so excited and ready to get baptized this Saturday. Just keep her in your prayers. She is such a good friend and was more than prepared to be baptized when we met her… :)
Keep me in your prayers. I know there is not that much time left, but I just need to keep working until the end. Your love and inspiration keep me going. Have a super fun summer!!! HAPPY JUNIANUARY!!! :) I LOVE YOU FAMILY!!! Keep going strong and never forget that you have a Super Guapo Missionary serving in Peru. I love you. Take care until next week. Love You Forever!!!
Love, Coco

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