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Monday, May 31, 2010

"So many good memories with them!"

May 31, 2010 - WUZZUP FAMILY???
What’s going on Fam? How you all doing? I am doing super great!!! So, my companion and I are in charge of P-Day today and what do you think we are going to do? That’s right. You guessed it… We are going to play VOLLEYBALL!!! “Don’t put us in charge of anything because you know that it will end up being volleyball!” :) Just kidding. We are super excited because we will have even more time to be able to play today. We filled up 200 water balloons last night and this morning to punish the losing team. We are going to form teams, play two sets to 11 points, and the team that loses gets soaked with water balloons. Then we will scramble up the teams and play again and again and again and again. We are sthuper-duper excited… :)
HAPPY 19 MONTHS!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???!!!??? Today is the last day of May. It is incredible how time passes. June is going to fly by. It is President and Sister Pèrez’ last month in the Mission and then they are going home to Uruguay. I might be seeing them only one more time… I am surely going to cry when they go home. They have been my Mission parents while I have been out here and I got soooo close to them when I was in the Offices and especially during the Holiday Season!!! So many good memories with them. I can never thank Heavenly Father enough for the time that I had with them… Only 5 months left. Time will pass too fast…
Chase??? Chase??? I got a message from Chase??? School must be out. Wahoo!!! Thanks Bud for the lyrics in Spanish to HSM. They will be put to good use. Now if you could get them to me from HSM 2 and 3, that would be even greater. I would appreciate it… Have so much fun at Graduation!!! I am so happy that you are going to be free of every responsiblity. Enjoy the summer because it will be your last and it is going to go by so fast and then your older brother will be home… WAHOO!!! Be safe and have fun…
Dallis, you are too funny. Good for you with the 4.0 and I am glad you won’t have to put up with any dumb teachers anymore. Have a fun summer and keep keeping track of movies and music… Have fun driving this summer and be safe…
Mom and Dad, I LOVE YOU!!! I am super excited for you. I can’t really telll you anything more than I love you. I love you! I love you! I love you! Have so much fun in school Mom. I know you love it and I’ll be there soon to help out. Dad, keep busy with work and the home so that time just keeps flying by. You two deserve a long vacation. Leave the two boys at home with Kenzie and Maddie or with Grandma and Grandpa Quinn. Go have a fun get-away. You deserve it. I love you so much. Take care until next week. I love you family!!! (5 and Counting…)With much love, Coco

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