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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

...the time left becomes even more precious"

May 10, 2010 - Hi Amazingly Cherished and Incredible Family,
Did I ever tell you that I loved you? I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! What a phone call we had yesterday. It was so good to just hear your sweet voices and share some good laughs with you and at the end a little bit of tears, but that can only mean good things. I love what Mom said that this is the last time that we had to say goodbye for a while. The next time that we’ll be talking, will be in person when I am sitting right next to you… That feels so weird, but it also feels great!!! That means that time is passing. Look at how far we have come. We have come so far and there is not that much more to go. It will pass by before we know it. So we better take advantage of every day and use it to it’s best, keeping us occupied, and I know that time will pass like nothing. I slept great after the phone call. I went to bed crying, but fell asleep fast and was dead out until the morning came. It was a great night, but I think I’ll be needing a nap in the afternoon. :) We are going to play volleyball again today with our ward. I am super excited because it is so much fun… :)
Only a week-and-a-half left of this Change. It is going to fly by and then I will only have 4 Changes left. You really have to live the Mission to realize how fast it does go by. It honestly seemed like an Eternity at the beginning, but now, it seems so possible that the time left becomes even more precious. I know Heavenly Father still has a ton more in store for me… We’ll see what happens in these next few months…
As for packages: candy, a toothbrush cover, a sweet letter, the i-Pod, and whatever other little surprises you want to send me. But don’t send me too much because I really don’t need it. I’ve already lived without it for a while; and I know I can do without it until I get home… Wahoo… What a “trunky” family we have… :) But that is okay… It just lets us know how much we really do love each other…
Chase and Dallis, only one month left of school!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!! Just keep working hard and don’t procrastinate so that you can enjoy the rest of the school year… Keep learning Spanish so that you can speak it with the people down here and really try to get rid of the Gringo accent. Watch HSM 3 in Spanish, and listen to the accents and try to understand it. I have watched it in Spanish and I understand all of it. That just tells you how Spanish-educated I am… :) I understand it!!! Wahoo!!! I love Spanish!!! Dad, please get the yard done before I get home… :) Just kidding. If you need help, I will be there to help you without any problems… Just make sure the vacations get planned… We are going to vacation as a family a ton!!! Mom, I don’t know what else to say… I think the laughs and the tears and the good talk yesterday tell us how blessed we are… :) We are so blessed. Have fun in school and keep loving it. You are the best Mom!!! I love you family. Just keep going strong and pray for me and my investigators always. I love you so much.
Wish me luck in all that I do...
Love you Forever, Coco

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