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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"I guess there is something that God wants me to learn still..."

May 17, 2010 - Hey Special Family,
I was really sad that I didn’t get to call you guys up and talk with you yesterday... I was so wanting to just pick up the phone and be able to hear your voices, but at least we won’t ever have to do it again. :) It was the last time that we had to say goodbye and now the next time we talk, we will be talking in person. How cool is that? It makes me feel really good and happy... :) It feels amazing that this much time has passed in the Mission. It really does go by fast, but you do have to live it to believe it...
This week was super. We had a good hard-working week, and we were able to enjoy a Ward Party that we had on Saturday. The Elders Quorum held a special party for the mothers in the ward. We played volleyball and it was a lot of fun to play against the mothers. We were only missing you Mom... Dad, you would have loved to have played as well... :) I had a good day in Church yesterday as well. I will be finding out in a few minutes if I have a Change or not... I am super nervous... I love the members in my ward. They are so genuine and nice. And they love that we started a volleyball-playing tradition because no other Elders have ever done it before...
We had some cold weather at the beginning of last week, which was crazy. I was wearing a sweater in the mornings and even slept with my sweater on. That’s how cold it got, which was super crazy for being in the jungle. Then yesterday was the most beautiful Sunday we have had with clear blue skies and a hot bright sun. It reminded me of waking up at our house in the summertime and sitting down at the breakfast table eating french toast with good milk and watching the sun come up over the top of the Mickelsen’s home... Oh, what good times... It was a really pretty day... And it was super hot... Mom, if it's not too much trouble....could you please send me some more handerchiefs. I have lost the ones you sent me. I would really like you to send me another set. I loved carrying them around because they always reminded me of the loving Mother and family that I have every time that I used them... I would really appreciate it... I love you...
Mom, I love that you are taking school, but it makes me sad that we can’t chit-chat every Monday morning, but it will be for the best... We don’t have that much time left to go... Only 5 ½ Months... Wow, that’s nothing... I’ll keep busy here in the Mission, you keep busy in school, Chase and Dallis keep busy in school and SUMMER VACATION!!!, and Dad keep busy at work, and time will just fly by... I love you guys so much and I am so thankful for your support and your love and inspiration that you give me. Never forget about me and keep praying for me, my companion, and my investigators... I love you so much!!! Love you Forever!!! Love, Coco
I just found out my Change!!! I am staying right where I am... :) I will be staying another six weeks here in Pucallpa. And Elder Padilla, my companion, is staying as well... That means we are staying together for three changes... How cool is that? The members are going to love this news. We are just going to work hard and have another successful change together. Wish us luck so that we will get along and that everything will turn out well. I guess there is something that God wants me to learn still... I love you guys. Take care!!! Love, Coco

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