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Monday, April 13, 2009

Hakuna Matata!

April 13, 2009 - "I was thinking about General Conference and how enjoyable it was again. But this year, I wasn't in my pajamas eating homemade omeletes made by dad, watching it on the Big Screen... I was in a shirt and tie, watching it in the chapel... But it was still very enjoyable...
This week was awesome and fun... Yesterday for lunch, I ate Turtle... I ate Turtle... It wasn't horrible, but it had the taste of the cow stomach that I've eaten before, so I definitely prefer other foods to it... But I can now say that I have eaten turtle... For P-Day, we went to a zoo called Quistococha. There were jaguars, parrots, toucans, pumas, monkeys, alligators, anacondas, and big fish, etc... I kissed a boa constrictor, which was a fun experience... But the best experience was at the end of the day... Sister Luna challenged me to eat Suri... Ahh... Suri is like the grub that Simba eats with Timon and Pumbaa on the Lion King... A big, ugly, chunky, gross, grubby, worm... We ordered 3 fried Suri and counted to three and we each ate one. It wasn't bad, so I ate the third Suri. With the Suri, you can eat everything but the head; so to eat it, you have to hold it by the head and separate it from the body with your teeth... Then came the grossest moment of all. Sister Luna challenged me to eat LIVE Suri... OH NO... I picked my "little" grub out of the container of dirt and grass, cleaned my grub off with a napkin, and was ready to eat it... Just looking at them, Sister Luna and I almost threw up because they were squirming in our hands...But we had to do it... We had to conquer the grub... We had someone else count to 3 and then we did it... I put it in my mouth still holding it by the head, bit off the head, and immediately, all of the guts spilled into my mouth... It was horribly disgusting, and I almost threw up, but I swallowed it, and finished the "meal" with Inka Cola immediately after... It was hilariously disgusting... I filmed it all, so I will be sending home the video of me kissing the snake, and Sister Luna and I eating the Suri... It is hilarious... "We conquered the Grub"... "Hakuna Matata"... Many fun and exciting experiences are still awaiting me... I hope that you had a good laugh reading this e-mail... or maybe just a look of awe in your face... I love you all so much. Take care... I love you. Love, Colyn...


Crystal said...

What a daring kid! It sounds like he is having a blast. I can't wait to see the pictures and videos of him! We love you tons Colyn!

The Chappell's said...


Just like home - eat a fried grub - eat a live grub. It's all just grubs.

Wow, it seems like he might be enjoying this jungle life a little too much - but I'm glad to hear it.

Fear factor vs. LDS Mission - about the same.

Good for him! - I think - Yuck!

No doubt, he's a bigger man than I am (Gees, I hope so.)