Caught in a downpour!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Eating more fun stuff!

April 6, 2009 - "How are you all doing? Did you enjoy General Conference? I absolutely loved it. We watched it as a group of Gringos in a classroom in the Church building in English...It was a great 10 hours of just relaxing and listening to the Leaders of the Church. I really enjoyed just being able to relax and enjoy the music of the Tabernacle Choir,especially because it was in English... I haven't had that much time for English in 5 months... My spelling in English is gradually getting worse. I can tell because my journal is getting filled with more cross-out marks daily... It is quite funny. I never thought I would start to lose my ability to spell.I baptized a kid this week. His name is Arlex Brailin Lopez Laulate. This week I did eat alligator. It was delicious. It tasted just like chicken, just a little different. I am a big fan of it... I also had a surprising lunch this week. We arrived at the member's house, and they served us our plates. And guess what was on the plates... A whole FISH... The head, eyes, tail, fins, bones, scales, and all... I didn't have to eat the head or the tail, or the fins, but the scales were fried into the meat. It wasn't horrible, but I prefer my boneless, finless, headless, scale-less fish...Only 19 more months of unexpected food. This week, we also got caught in a huge rainstorm when we were coming home for the night. There was no sign of the storm, and instantly, it was like a monsoon...huge strikes and booms of lightning and thunder, and tons and tons of rain... I absolutely loved it... We just ran and jumped and had tons of fun in the rain on our way home... (Dallis would have been terrified... :) Anyway, when we got to our home to eat dinner, we looked like we had just been swimming... My clothes, my tie, my shoes, socks, everything was soaking wet... But it didn't matter. I was having fun... Yesterday, as well, I woke up at 5 in the morning to huge strikes of lighting, flashes of white light illuminating the sky, and the huge booms of thunder. I watched it for about 30 minutes and then fell back asleep to get a little more rest before getting up... I love watching the storms... A little about our living quarters. They are fine. We have a little fridge, fans, mosquito nets, desks, beds, a bathroom, and the little things that we need. Don't worry about me. I am living in livable conditions; livable, but not preferable... :) The only trouble I have is worrying about my investigators. But don't worry about me. I'm doing fine... I felt the same way you guys did watching General Conference. I knew that you were on the other side of the television watching it at the same time...only that it was 11 instead of 10 o'clock... I liked seeing the Conference Center and Salt Lake, but it made me miss home a little bit more... But I am doing fine. Only 3 more, and then I'll be home... I love you so much. Have a fun Spring Break and a Happy Easter!!! Tell Chase not to stress about the AP Test. He can totally do it... I am so glad that my two brothers are playing baseball together and having fun. I love you guys so much. I'll talk to you in a week... Take care and don't worry... I love you. Love, Coco..."

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