Caught in a downpour!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Missionary Musical

April 20, 2009 - "I am feeling great. I think I've finally realized why I am here... Mom, your words clicked in my head again...I really am just performing on a different stage for two years. Right now, my role is All-Star Missionary... I have realized that everyday is a new performance, and that I need to make every performance that much better... I have to put the same amount of effort into this mission as I put into being Troy Bolton... Instead of having my Gabriella, I have my Latino companion from Puno... :) My set with lights, microphones, and music has become the sounds of rainstorms and little kids screaming "Gringo, Gringo"... :) I am working hard... It keeps me focused and keeps me distracted from worrying about things at home... Really, I don't worry about home...More than anything, it is just that I miss you guys so much! Keep going on in the strength of the Lord... Chase, don't stress. Remember what I said about prayer. I love you Bud, and I love hearing from you in e-mails... Dallis, thanks for your sweet e-mails. Bud, you crack me up. I laugh the whole time when I read e-mails from you. You are such a stud. Keep in touch often... It's always good to hear from my awesome brothers... I love you so much... Take care family... I'll write in a week... Love, Coco..."

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