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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

He is COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the Followers.....

This is Susan, Colyn's mom. I just wanted to share some feelings about these past two years and having Colyn gone so far away. When the day arrived when Colyn and I had to be separated for two long years, I think we both didn't realize how really hard it was going to be. In the MTC, watching the movie that they share with the families before the inevitable separation, Colyn was so nervous that his legs were shaking. The closing prayer was being said and I reached out and put my hand on Colyn's leg as to try and comfort him and he responded with relaxing. He held my hand throughout this whole ordeal, as he always did when we sit through Sacrament meeting together. And when the final hug came to say goodbye, we could not let go of each other. My arms were grabbing at him as to try to take something home with me. The last thing Colyn whispered to me after he told me that he loved me, was.... "I'll be back."
Those were the last three words that I heard him say while he was still in my sight. I have hung on to those words these last two years and drawn strength from them, knowing he would be back. And now HE IS COMING BACK!!!!!! This wonderful, glorious day of him coming back is here!!!! I am truly blessed! My Heavenly Father, for some sweet reason, granted me such a privilege when he sent me such a Prince of a son as Colyn is!!! He knows he is a child of God. He came here obedient, has always remained obedient and I pray that obedience will continue throughout his entire life. He loves his mom. And for this, I can never thank Heavenly Father enough for this choice blessing of having Colyn share his life with me!
Thank you for checking in and keeping up on Colyn's journey in Peru. He has felt your love and it means the world to him! He has had much success on his Mission, again baptizing three more souls this past week. He is grateful to the Lord for allowing him to be where he is and to experience "loving the people he serves".
November 3, 2010 seemed like an eternity away, and now my boy is returning home!
Love to all , Susan - A loving mother of an Awesome Missionary -
(as Colyn would say to every mother he called when letting them know when their son's would be arriving home....he would say to them either in speaking or in writing.....
"Thanks for being a loving mother of an Awesome Missionary")


Crystal S. said...

I am starting to feel like a kid at Christmas, the excitement is starting to build up. I can't believe how fast these 2 years have gone, I guess I can wait for another week. Colyn has been in our prayers since the night he was set apart as "Elder Quinn". He has been in every prayer including the dinner prayer, Primary Opening Exercises, closing prayer, you name it! We've actually had to explain to people who Colyn (and Davey) were after prayers were said. Colyn you have set such a great example for my boys. Thanks so much for giving two years of your life so that other families can be together forever.

We can't wait to see you!

Love ya tons!

nikkipicky said...

Congratulations!! Mission accomplished. :)

I have enjoyed reading about all of Colyn's experiences. I had never seen a mission blog before and ever since I started following Colyn's I recommend doing this to all my missonary mom friends and family. :)