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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Only 24 days and the Best Friends are back together!!!"

October 11, 2010 - (A note to all the followers....for the past few weeks, Colyn has not been writing letters home because he and I have been exchanging emails for two hours every Monday morning. So I have compiled the last month's worth of Colyn's conversations and put them in one post.)

September 20, 2010 -
We find out changes on Saturday night this week, so I am way excited to see what happens. I am pretty sure that I will be staying where I am to finish my Mission because this is my last Change, but we'll see what Heavenly Father and President have in store for me...
About the weather... I think we are just barely finishing winter, barely because it is still freezing, but we have had some warm days where the sun has been shining. We are just starting spring, but summer will be here for Christmastime... And I'll be at home... Wahoo!!!
Love, Coco
I still haven't heard anything about Yolanda, but I assume that she is doing okay... I just can't wait to see her again...
Wahoo!!! That means we'll be talking every Monday until I go home... only 7 more I think... Can you believe it??? Everyone asks me if I'm trunky, but I just tell them no, but my family is... Hahaha. I love my family.
Love, Coco
Don't worry... You'll be seeing enough of me in a little while. I just hope you don't get sick of me talking to you because we have to catch up on two years of life... That might take a while... :)
Are you kidding me Mom??? It would be awesome to have Chase open up his Mission Call the day that I get home!!! It won't take away from anything. I didn't think you would want to wait to open it until I get home, but it makes me feel so happy that you want to wait to open his Mission Call until I get home... We will be super anxious for an arrival home and a send-away call... It will just add on to a great night... PARTY ALL-NIGHT LONG!!! And if it seems even better... I will get home and we can just be with the family and good friends and then we can have the big party another day, like on the weekend...and Chase can invite his friends and the Family over to watch him open his Call... You think he'll be getting his Call before I get home?... That is so exciting!!!
Love, Coco
Yes. Comas is part of Lima. It's a little prettier than my other areas have been in Lima, which makes it nice as well, but nothing beats the Jungle...

September 27, 2010 -
Good News!!! I am going to finish my COMAS!!! I am so happy. I am going to stay for my last Change here and that makes me feel really good. I now will not have to get to know a new area, new members, new house, new companion, nothing new. My companion, Elder Zárate and I are both staying. It is so nice. And I am so excited to end my Mission as a Zone Leader in Comas!!! At the same time, I am sad because my friends are leaving the Zone: Elder Smith and Elder Cridlebaugh... Elder Smith is going to be a Zone Leader in Lima and Elder Cridlebaugh is heading off as District Leader to the jungle of Iquitos. I am so jealous... But it is what the Lord has planned... I'll be seeing Elder Smith every once-in-a-while, but today is the last day I will be seeing Elder Cridlebaugh. It's sad to see friends go and they think it is so weird that I am going home this Change. They don't believe it, just like I can't believe it. It has gone by so fast. We have plans to hang out after the Mission so we'll see where life takes us...
I Love you....Coco

October 4, 2010 -
Is you there? Because I didn't get my sweet Mother's e-mail this week...
(Yes Coco....I am here...)
Hallelujah!!! I love my Family!!!
Mom, How are you doing??? Less than one month left... Can you believe it? So, this weekend we didn't watch General Conference because down here in Peru, their Elections were going on, and it is illegal to have any type of reunion in any place, so there were no Church meetings this weekend, and yesterday, we weren't even able to leave the house. We stayed inside all day studying, organizing, and just enjoying a day off... We are going to watch General Conference this weekend the 9th and 10th. And Fast Sunday is going to be the 17th so this month is just going to fly by... WAHOO!!!
You got my packages!!! How fun is that??? I thought you'd like what I sent. Mom, I still need you to select your ten favorite photos of me in the Mission...not baptisms... And get them sent to tomorrow. Tomorrow, we are going to the Temple so I will be able to write you again tomorrow... Hey Mom, Dad tells me that you are trying to make everything perfect for my return home. But Mom, don't stress out. I just want to be able to enjoy the day with my family. Don't be so overwhelmed with everything that you can't even enjoy the day. I want it to be a nice enjoyful day...
The couple that took the packages home is the Nelsons. They are the couple that have been spoiling us like crazy with pizza, hamburgers, french toast breakfast, grilled ham and cheese and pretty much anything we wanted. I felt so bad for them because the husband Elder Nelson got really sick down here. He had some kidney stones and an infection in his body so they thought it would be better to go to the USA to get taken care of, recuperate, and then come back to finish the Mission. They are planning on coming to my Homecoming Meeting and I will be inviting them. They didn't want to go and I felt sad for them, but I know they'll be going back out to serve...
I know. Nathan is finishing his Mission... Can you believe how fast that went by??? I will get home, and then Nathan White gets home three weeks later. Isn't that weird? Our whole group of friends are going to be getting home within the next couple months... How exciting...
I love you so much....until next week....Coco

October 11, 2010 -
(I am here Coco.....)
Mommy!!! I love my Mom!!! How's the day treating you???
Hey. I still haven't gotten my credit card yet??? Do you think it would be possible for you to send me some money through Western Union? Honestly, I am living on nothing. It stinks to not have money. I am not able to spoil my companion, or buy a soda or treats at nighttime, or take a 3-liter pop to a Family Home Evening, because I can't spare even one cent right now. So do you think you could do me that favor. Just put the money in Western Union under my name, and I will go and take it out. What do you think???
I am so glad that you are enjoying school. Only three weeks left and I'll be able to help you with your homework... How does that sound???
Hey. Did Chase get his Mission Call yet??? Or is it this week that it gets there??? Are you sure you can wait til I get home to open it??? I honestly cannot wait. How exciting!!!
(Coco, I told all the sisters in Relief Society yesterday...."this time next month (meaning fast Sunday) my best friend will be home again with me!)
Is that right? Only 24 days and the Best Friends are back together!!! That seems so crazy. I miss my Best Friend so much. But we know that we wouldn't change anything for these two years...
It's time for me to go. I love you so much. General Conference was really good this weekend. They talked a lot about the importance of the family, which of course made me feel really good. I love you and hope everything is excellent. Until next week. I won't be writing in the morning because we are going to a Museum in the morning. I will be writing in the afternoon at about 2:00pm Lima time. I love you. Thanks for your help. I'll let you know tomorrow about the money. Thanks...

October 12, 2010 -
YEAH!!!!! I'm rich!!!!!
I got the money out yesterday!!! Thanks for taking care of me. You saved me. I love you and miss you so much. Take care.
Love, Coco

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