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Thursday, October 1, 2009

He got the package!!!!!

September 19, 2009 - I got the Package!!! I received it on Tuesday and was so excited and a little thrown off. I was not expecting to receive a huge, heavy tube. I couldn’t even imagine what it was filled with. I opened it up and was shocked to find what looked like a huge roll of paper. When I pulled it out, I realized that it was a bunch of different papers with drawings. As I began to open them, I was so happy to see each member of our family and even a few good friends in their own interpretation in drawing themselves. I must say that I didn’t know that our family was such a weird-looking one. I didn’t know that we had so many Hippies in the family. I was surprised to see a lot of you dressed in 70’s outfits. They just made me laugh. I also didn’t know that we had a Snowman in the family, but I guess you learn a new thing everyday. :) They are awesome and I am thankful that you all took the time to make them. I think they are so sweet, and that they are one of the greatest gifts in the world. Thank you for the little notes, and for the motivation written in each letter. I felt each one was filled with a little humor and a lot of love. I’m sorry we didn’t get to celebrate my Birthday together, but the good thing is that I received the package. I did, however, put the pictures of you guys on the wall so you could watch High School Musical 3 along with all of us. I took pictures with us all as a family and they turned out great. It’s definitely not the same as actually putting my arms around you guys and telling you how much I love you. My companion’s cast got taken off this week, but he still has about three weeks left of recuperation. His foot is really swelled and purple and gross. Starting on Monday, for ten days straight, we have to go to the hospital one or two hours everyday so that he can receive physical therapy so that his foot will get back to normal. I have been leaving with Elder Doza (Records Secretary) and Elder Steed (Financial Secretary) to get out and teach. This week, we taught two lessons with a man named Arturo Fernandez. He is the Dad of three girls, married to a fun wife, and he is the only one that isn’t a member. However, guess what happened today? He got baptized! These last two lessons were just to help prepare him for his baptism. It was fun and now I have a really close relationship with this family. It was so great to see the father of the family get baptized. I shared my testimony in the baptism and I testified about how thankful I am for the Plan of Salvation and for the knowledge that families are eternal. I told him that one year from today he will be able to enter the Temple with his wife and his children and be sealed with them for the Eternities.
So, we watched High School Musical 3 as the Office Crew and everyone loved it. It was so much fun to just sit back and relax watching a show that I love. President asked me the other day if I had a copy of me performing in High School Musical. I miss it. I absolutely love getting out on the stage and having the lights hit me and just giving my all. But I know that the time is going to come soon enough to get out onstage and do it again.
Again, thank you for everything. I am so thankful for the awesome family that I have been blessed with. Keep me updated on the Cougars, and I can’t wait to hear how
Homecoming went. :) Please know that I miss you and that I think of you everyday. I love you. Take care until next week. Love, Colyn

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