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Saturday, December 12, 2009

"It was such a good day."

December 5, 2009 - Hey Lovely Family,
Feliz and Merry December!!! Can you believe that we are already in December? I told you that this week was going to just fly by. It flew by. I can’t even believe that it is already Saturday. Changes went great. Fun news: I put up the Christmas tree this week and it looks great. It is just your ordinary green Christmas tree with red and gold ornaments. It also has some candy-cane shaped ornaments, poinsettias, and a silver star on top. It makes us all so happy and we have the lights on all day long. We keep the room lights off where it is so that we can just enjoy the natural Christmas light. I love this time of year. I feel so happy and excited for everything that happens and the emotions that there are in the Christmas season. I love Christmas!!! Soooo… My biggest news!!! I saw Landon today and I met his mom!!! It was such a good day. We went with him, his mom, and the Pérez Family to La Bistecca to celebrate Carolina’s Birthday. We ate a delicious meal, and then President surprised Carolina and all of us by inviting us to go BOWLING!!! That’s right. Yes, Dallis, there are bowling alleys in Peru, not a lot, but there is at least one… We all had the privilege of going to a really ritzy part of Miraflores and bowl with the Pérez Family and the Rich Family. It was so much fun. Landon and his mom couldn’t stop talking about how good Chase was in Les Mis. They said that they absolutely loved it. Landon told me that if I say that I am better than Chase, then I must be amazing because he says that Chase is a star. I told him that he will just have to wait and he is so excited to see me in a show. His mom is so nice and told me about her moments shared with you. They will be passing by the Offices tomorrow to drop off their suitcase full of packages and I hope we will have even more time to talk. :) Carolina really is so cool. She is going back home on Friday. I am going to miss having her around when we go with the Pérez Family because she loves to joke and just brightens our day. Thanks in advance for the gifts; I can’t wait to see what there is for me. I have a great new companion! His name is Elder Samayoa and he is from Guatemala. He is so funny and he is just so fun to be around. I love him to death. The little that I know about him is that before the Mission, he had worked in mechanics on cars and other such things and that he also worked in Postal Services. He is so cool. I am so excited because he has a huge desire to work and I want to work hard. We want to have a lot of baptisms this month of December. His Birthday was yesterday so we kind of celebrated it today as well with Carolina. I am so excited to have him as my companion. He is really easy to love and get along with. So, that was my week. I am way excited to receive the packages and see what is inside. Thank you for all that you have done to help me out. I love you guys so much. I hope it is snowing like crazy there and that everything is going okay. I love you so much. Take care until next week. I love you so much. I will have a lot more to write next week. I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! Love,Coco

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