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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"I love being here in Peru!"

November 28, 2009 -
Hey Cougar Family, Well, I don’t really have a lot to say. I am honestly in shock with what has been going on this week. As for Martha, I don’t know what happened. Let me explain. We had been teaching her basically everyday at her work. She went home last weekend to celebrate her grandkids’ birthdays. She did attend Church which was great. She was only going to come for Sacrament and then go home, but she loves Church and decided to stay for all of Church and then go home. We were so happy and excited for her. The Bishop announced her baptism so that everyone would plan to attend. We programmed it for today. But something happened since Monday. We went to visit her at her work on Monday, but she hadn’t come because she was tired from the weekend. Since that day, I have been worried sick about her. We haven’t had any contact with her since the phone call that Elder Sandoval made. I have been praying my heart out all week to get in contact with her, and have been almost in tears a couple of times. I honestly don’t know what happened. We went to her shop and asked the other small shops nearby if they know something about her, and no one does. I don’t know what has happened and I am really shocked. She was already dressed in white and in the water because she was already prepared before I met her, but now I have no idea where she is. Her house phone is now cut out, and her cell phone is either dead, or she doesn’t have it near her, because it always goes to the message machine. I do not know what has happened, and I need to find out. So just keep praying for her. We are hoping that everything is going okay. I still love her to death, which is why I am so worried about her. I can’t believe this happened this week. I shouldn’t have told you guys about her until she was already baptized, but now you know. It’s a trial that I have to learn from and survive. Heavenly Father wants me to learn something from this. I hope that we do get in contact with her before time starts to pass and that she will still get baptized. Keep praying for me and her… This week, we had a Mission inspection by Elder Pino from the First Quorum of the Seventy. He came and met every Missionary and shared with us some ways to improve the Mission. He was very happy with the Peru Lima North Mission. He said that he usually does a ton of practices with Missions, but he didn’t feel the need to do that with ours. He just motivated us, telling us that our Mission is very powerful. He reminded us that we are the first convert in the Mission. We have to become totally converted and compromised to the Gospel. We can never let it go. We then had a surprise inspection of the Offices. Elder Pino came and checked out everything. He asked us who we are, what our job requires, and everything that we do. He also inspected our rooms upstairs to make sure that we were living well. He was very impressed by our Offices. It was really need to talk with someone from the First Quorum of the Seventy. He asked us what we liked to do. I told him that I am a performer: singer, dancer, actor. He was really impressed. He then asked everyone what sports they played. I told him that baseball was always my sport. He was so excited about that because he finally had someone to talk with who knew a little bit about baseball. We had a fun, quick conversation about what positions I played and my favorite team, and other things like that. It was really neat to be with President Pérez and Elder Pino, knowing that they were both happy with the work that we are doing here in the Mission Offices and for the condition the Mission is in. The Peru Lima North Mission Rocks!!! This week I have been getting ready for the Changes. It’s Change Week once again: time to send the old Missionaries home and bring the new ones in. I am excited to see the new Missionaries. Two of them are from Riverton High School. We weren't close friends, but we did know each other, so I am excited to see them as Missionaries. So this week is going to fly by. I am getting a new companion. Elder Sandoval is finally healed and he is now walking without crutches. It is time for him to leave the Offices. My new companion is from Guatemala. His name is Elder Samayoa. I am so excited. I met him when I was in Iquitos. He is really happy, and they say that he is a good worker so I am excited to be companions with him. We are going to be here as companions in the Offices for Christmas and New Years! I am so excited. Oh, by the way, we are decorating for Christmas today. We are going to put up the Christmas tree and I am so excited!!! I love Christmastime. It is the best time of the year. This is my last Holiday Season in the Mission and I know that I am going to love it. I hope that all of you are enjoying it just as much as I am. Did you already decorate for Christmas? I sure hope so. :) I’m so glad that everyone was able to be there for Thanksgiving. I did eat pizza, but the day passed just like any other normal day. It was really nice because I didn’t miss home at all. I really am overcoming the homesickness. I love that feeling. I am doing great… BYU vs. Utah today huh? Go COUGARS!!! I really hope they tear it up… Fun news: we got a phone call last night from Elder Rich!!! He told us all about him coming down next week with his Mom. I am so excited to see him and meet his Mom!!! He also told me that he met Whitley and gave her a huge hug just to make me a little jealous. He said that same thing, that Whitley and DeLaney are beautiful girls. It’s always great news to know that my friends are doing okay. I can’t wait to see them again. But, like I said. This week is going to fly by: changes, Elder Rich, Carolina’s Birthday with the Pérez Family. I’ll be writing home again in no time. Happy 13 Months Tomorrow!!! Time is just flying by now. I cannot believe it. I love being a Missionary. I love being here in Peru. I am so thankful for the blessings I receive and see everyday. I love the Mission. I love you all so much. Keep a prayer in your hearts for Martha. Keep your hopes up that she will still get baptized. I love you so much. Love You Forever!!! Colyn

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