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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Cuidense Mucho!"

November 21, 2009 - Hey Blessed Family, Happy Thanksgiving!!! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving down here in Peru, but I think we are going to order Papa John’s Pizza on Thursday and call it a Holiday. :) Is Chase going to dress up as a turkey this year? :) Go have a ton of fun with the rest of the family, eat tons of good food, and enjoy my second Thanksgiving in the Mission… Wahoo!!! The last one in the Mission. Well, in reality, every day is that last day of that day in the Mission now… Today was such a good day. It was so enjoyable. We left early from the Offices and went to President’s house. We talked for a second while his wife and daughter were getting ready and then we all headed off in President’s car to go to Pachacamac. It is an old part of Peru that is an ancient ruin, and it is in the Peru Lima South Mission, which means it is a little ways away. It had a Sun Temple, a storage room, a pyramid, a dungeon, and many other cool things all made out of old rock and cement. It was interesting to learn a little more about the history of Peru and see some of the sights. We then traveled right next door where they were having a Peruvian Horse Show. It was interesting to watch how they made their horses walk and pick out which horse was going to be judged as the best one. We, the Office Crew and the Pérez Family, had a nice, relaxing morning enjoying a beautiful day watching part of the Peruvian culture. It was so enjoyable and I felt so spoiled to be with President and his family. It is always fun to spend P-Days with him. We then went to the restaurant, La Bistecca, and had a very delicious lunch for my companion’s Birthday, which is the 24th. We ate until we were stuffed and sang “Happy Birthday” to my companion. In La Bistecca, they have a huge chocolate fountain and tons of goodies to dip in it. It is so good, and I told President and everyone that we have a small chocolate fountain at home and that my brothers would just die if they were to go there and see that chocolate fountain. The best part about the restaurant is that it is a buffet, which means you eat all you want. It was so good, and it was the perfect way to end a great day with the Pérez Family. Last Saturday, the sweet Canches Family threw me and Elder Sandoval a surprise Birthday Party. He has finally been able to leave the house so they wanted to celebrate our Birthdays together. We got to their house and it was decorated with balloons and streamers, and was set up for a fun family get-together. I sang “Abide With Me ‘Tis Eventide” and my companion shared a spiritual thought. Little Estrellita sang us a special Birthday song and it was so sweet to hear her voice. Her dad Calín was crying by the end of the song. (Her dad has my name in the Spanish version! Isn’t that cool?) Gladys, her mom, was also in tears. It was a special moment. We then ate a delicious dinner and they had made us a scrumptious tres leche Birthday cake. It was a very fun night spent with a very special family. :)Martha is the greatest ever!!! On Sunday, we dropped by to pick her up so we could go to Church together, but she wasn’t there. We assumed that she had already left and gone to the Church, but when we entered, she wasn’t there, and I started to worry. Sacrament Meeting started. We sang the opening hymn, the opening prayer was said, and I was losing more and more hope of her being able to make it. Just at that moment, I saw her walk by one of the windows and my heart almost jumped out of my chest because I was so excited to see her. I immediately stood up and ran to the door to help her enter and make herself comfortable. She stayed for all three meetings of Church. She absolutely loved it and couldn’t get enough of it. She immediately felt welcomed and she didn’t want to leave. I love her to death. So now, all she has to do is attend Church tomorrow and she is qualified to be baptized. I am so excited!!! Keep praying for her because she is praying for you guys. She always tells me that she constantly has a prayer in her heart for me and for my family…that means you!!! :) She is so sweet and is one more person you have to meet… Guess what? Our fridge is now working and I bought some milk today. So I am now going to be able to enjoy cereal and goodies even more. If I need anything else, I will let you know. The 19th, I hit a year anniversary of being in Peru. A year ago that day, I was flying in a plane to Peru and you guys were in the Temple meeting the “Kitty, Kitty” guy. :) Can you believe that that much time has passed? Nathan White also hit a year in the Mission on the 19th. :) I ordered the Spanish version of the Bible and it finally arrived this week. I was so excited. It is the new 2009 translation of the English Bible, and it was finally released in September. It is beautiful and it makes me want to read the Bible so I am way excited. :) I talked to Elder Atkinson and told him that we moved a little closer to Bingham and that he might be my neighbor now. We drew out a map of what we could remember and we came to the conclusion that we are now in the same Stake, maybe in the same Ward, but for sure in the same Stake. Try looking his family up and let me know… Go Riverton Silverwolves!!! Chase, I told you that you would be the STAR!!! I know you are the Show Stopper and that you make everyone crack up just like you always do. You are the coolest stud in the house. Go Johnny Depp!!! Did you all get to see Landon? Did you talk to Whitley and DeLaney? Let me know all about them. Dallis, I also had a dream about being a Returned Missionary. I don’t remember anything that really happened in the dream, but I know that I was at home and that my closet only had white shirts, ties, and Church pants… :) I don’t know if it’s a good thing, but we are already dreaming about the RM Life. Dallis, I totally agree. We are going to be inseparable!!! I can’t wait to see you and all of the family and just hang out. Quinn Family Part—November 3, 2010!!! Family, I love you so much!!! I hope the house gets started this week. I love you so much. Take care. Cuídense mucho. I love you forever!!! Love, Coco

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