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Sunday, November 8, 2009

"I made it over the Hump!!!"

October 31, 2009 -

Hey Lovely Family,
"I made it over the HUMP!!!" Thanks for the cute package. I absolutely love the picture of you guys with the camel. You all look so great.... I also love the stuffed camel with the homemade cape. I am going to sleep with it every night so I can always be reminded that I made it over the hump and that my special family is supporting me in everything that I do. I feel a little strange passing the year mark. It means that what I have already done, I just have to do over again. I have already survived a year without television, movies, video games, music, full-out singing, dancing, card games, board games, and everything else that I love; so one more year is possible. In the beginning, I never would have thought that I could go so much time without doing the things that I love, but I have done it, and I know that the Lord has blessed me for it. I can't believe that one year passed so fast. This next year is just going to fly by. Honestly, I feel more comfortable now because I am now even more certain that I can endure to the end because I have now made it to the half-way point. It feels FANTASTIC!!! I have so many emotions, but it is really hard to put them into words. Just know that I am happy and healthy, and enjoying this special time in the mission. :) So... Happy One Year! And... Happy Halloween!!! Not many decorations are going on down here, but I have seen some people selling masks and Halloween candies in the streets. I'm going to see what happens in the nighttime because I think it's going to be a huge Peruvian Fiesta. (Insert in the nighttime: There were some kids dressed up as vampires, witches, wolves, and Pippy-Longstocking, and some were just carrying around devil tridents and pumpkin bags, but no one was giving out candy. It's not a hugely celebrated day down here.) So what is everyone dressed up as? I'm dressed up as a missionary; Dallis-baseball player; Dad and Mom-matching cheerleaders; and Chase-a Jabbawockee (whatever that is...) I hope you had a lot of fun making those interesting costumes. I had fun picking out a tie to match my missionary outfit.... :) It's fun being a missionary for Halloween. Are you ready to put up Christmas tomorrow? I want you to enjoy Christmas just as much as we do when we are all together. We are going to put a Christmas tree up here in the Offices, and I am already putting up some Christmas decorations and pictures that I have colored to make my room have a Christmas mood. I love Christmas time and I want to have it around for as much time as possible. I don't know if we'll get the Office decorated tomorrow, but I'm going to get the decorations up as soon as possible. :)
Guess what? I did it. I got my letters sent off to my converts. :) I feel great. I sent all of them a little note asking them for their names, their birth dates, their addresses, their phone numbers, and all of the information they can give me. I also sent them pictures and asked them to send me pictures of their family. I can't wait to start receiving response letters. I also received a card from Jose Carlos Sandoval Hidalgo, who was one of my best friends in Iquitos. If you remember my Mom and Dad from Iquitos (Letty and Leo); we were teaching Rosa who is Jose's aunt and Letty's sister. Jose baptized Rosa and we became the best of friends.
Things that happened this week: The Office was renovated. By that I mean that there were guys working her all day every day for three days this week. They repainted some walls, refinished the wood on all of the desks and counters, cleaned the glass and windows, washed the computer chairs, washed the carpet floors, and many other little jobs. The Office looks great, but because they were here working, I couldn't get a lot of my Personal Secretary stuff done so I've got a little more work to get done next week. I took advantage of the time not working to improve my study. I got a lot of studying done and I feel great.
I still miss Landon, but I still have his fun companion here Elder Santiago. He is from Guatemala and is so cool. He is just a good, fun friend that is always there to talk to and agree with. I wrestle him, I sing High School Musical with him, I make jokes with him, and we all get along with him really well. He keeps my spirits up. I love him to death. So I am getting along well. I didn't leave at all this week, but I got to study the scriptures, supervise the workers and I did some printing off of some Christmas decorations. So everything is okay. We are going in on Thursday this week to have a check-up on Elder Sandoval's foot. If it isn't healing still, then he will most likely have surgery, and the recuperation will be a longer time period. Surgery will mean that he'll have to go home. Pray for him so that everything goes okay, that his leg is healing, and that he won't have to have surgery. No missionary wants to go home.
Family, everything is going fine. I am doing great. I HIT A YEAR!!! The countdown has begun... I don't like watching the time, but it is always good to know that it is passing. I hope everything is going great at home. I can't wait for the new house to get started and I hope that everything turns out all right. Don't forget to decorate full-out for Christmas. Enjoy Christmas and know that the best Christmas present will be the phone call home from the Studmuffin Missionary who is serving in Peru. Haphy Halloveen! I wuf ju! (That's "Happy Halloween!" and "I love you!" said when I have a shampoo bottle stuck to my lip. ;) I love you guys. Take care until next week. Love you forever.
Love, Coco.

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