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Saturday, November 21, 2009

"I love reading the Scriptures"

November 14, 2009 -
Hey Beautiful Family, It was a perfect day to go to the Temple. The sun was shining bright, there were not many clouds in the sky, and I got a little sun burnt. It was a splendid day to travel and see the pretty parts of Lima. The Session went great. I enjoyed it a lot. I love just being able to enter in a place of peace where your worries are put aside for a second. I absolutely love going to the Temple. Today was even more special because there was an old guy taking his Endowments out that sat right in front of me. He must have been 70-years-old and was just barely getting his Endowments. It was a great sight to see, that it doesn’t matter at what age a person comes to know the Gospel; all that matters is that they get to know it. It made me feel very thankful that I have grown up in the Church and that I get to enjoy being a member for a longer amount of time… :) We can never take for granted the many blessings that we have received as a family for being members of the Church and enjoying the comfort that the Plan of Salvation gives us. I am so thankful that we have this knowledge, and I am thankful that we are going to be an Eternal Family. Right now they are renovating our meeting house so we are meeting in another one and our schedule is from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. It isn’t a horrible time schedule because there is no air-conditioning so it gets really hot. But I also like it because there is more time to get things ready for Church and get investigators to go to Church. This is only going to be for six weeks and then we are going back to our old meeting house, but it is going to appear as a newly-built chapel. We are going to have benches and everything is going to be new. I am way excited. I am so glad that you all enjoyed Landon’s Homecoming. He was already excited to see you guys three weeks before he left. And all of the Elders’ families that you met are families of Elders that I know. Elder Evans was a really good friend that I made when I was in Collique. He was finishing his Mission and I had just barely hit three months. He talked to me a lot and we had a lot of fun hanging out in the nighttime talking and enjoying some midnight mac and cheese… I told you that High School Musical would be the perfect gift for Landon. I’m sure that he has secretly watched them many times already. He can’t resist it. He is now addicted, just like the rest of us down here in the Offices. Not a day goes by that we don’t randomly all break out singing a High School Musical song. I love it. I had a really lucky Friday the 13th. I got out and taught a couple lessons; President took us to lunch at Chili’s; and I got to come home knowing that the next day was P-Day. I had a really relaxing and enjoyable Friday the 13th. I can’t even tell you how happy I am. Good news... we have found a future missionary who is now able to accompany me every day so I was able to leave with him yesterday, and I will be leaving with him every day starting Monday. I am way excited. Even better news is that I found another lady that is like Yolanda from Iquitos. Her name is Martha, and I absolutely love going to her because I always know that she is ready with questions because she has already read everything that we leave for her to read, and she is just so excited to see me every time that I go. She is so ready to get baptized. All I have to do is just answer her questions because she understands everything, and then just finish up the other basic points she needs to know about the Church. We have set her baptismal date as the 28th of November and we know she can be baptized that day. The only thing she has to do is attend Church tomorrow and next week and she will be ready. Please pray for her to be able to attend and that everything will work out. I have been asking Heavenly Father every day and night to bless me with this baptism. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Every time I converse with her, we are both on the verge of tears, but we never start crying. It is just because we connect so well, and I love her to death. I can’t let her go. This week when I wasn’t able to get to my area, I called her up to tell her so. Phone calls with her are really sweet. If I am not able to make it, she sincerely tells me not to leave her and not to lose her. She says that she wants it so badly. Like I said…God prepared her before I met her. So, please don’t forget Martha in your prayers. I had a very good week because I opened my eyes to a lot of things in the scriptures. There are so many hidden things in the scriptures. I now understand what it means to dive into the scriptures and study them. There are too many things to learn and so little time to read. I am now an addict to reading the scriptures. I love reading. I love reading the scriptures. I love it. Chase, good luck in Les Mis this week. I know that you are going to be the Star. Say “Hi” to Whitley and Delaney for me. Let them know that I still think about them and miss them a ton. Break a Legend this week. You’re going to do great!!! Dallis, I’m glad that life is going good and that you are enjoying the Nintendo. Keep the list updated. We have a huge Marathon waiting for us in 2010!!! :) Mom and Dad, thanks for the tender hearts that you both have. Know that all the hugs from Landon were sent with love from me. I made sure to give him tons of hugs to give away. I love him to death. Dad, you can’t listen to that song anymore. I love it and miss it too. Just keep going strong. I’ll be home in no time. I can’t believe Davey is already finishing. That is going to be such a fun day for all of you to go and see him. It has been so nice knowing that my cousin is in the Mission at the same time as I am. It gives me strength and keeps me going. Family, I love you to death. Don’t forget that you are always in my prayers and that I will never forget about you. I love you forever. Love, Colyn

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