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Sunday, November 8, 2009

"He will do it for one more"

October 24, 2009 - Familia Quinn, Do you know what today is?... It's the One-Year Anniversary of "High School Musical 3: Senior Year!" Can you believe that one year ago, we were all seated at the District in a Movie Theatre at midnight ready to watch the movie be released. I can't believe that much time has passed. We were all getting ready for my Farewell, I was freaking out about my talk, and we were all kind of in a weird mood. And now look where we are... All of us in good conditions, happy, enjoying life, and just waiting for one more year to pass. You know what they say... the second year passes by a whole lot faster than the first. That sounds great to me. I think it's because we are all used to it now. I'm definitely not as homesick as I used to be; the boys are back in school; Mom's keeping busy with the house, homework, kids, and a husband; and Dad's busy getting a house approved, built, and furnished. It's good that we are all just working hard. It keeps our minds distracted and keeps the time passing by. I think we are all in awe that a whole year has passed by. The second one is just going to fly by. So get ready, cause here it comes....
So my Best Friend left this week. I had tears in my eyes before I could even give Elder Rich a goodbye hug. He is a really special friend to have. He kept me laughing, protected me, and helped me learn so many things. I'm really going to miss seeing him every day and just enjoying the small moments that make life the greatest. His e-mails to the Office let us know that he has been so blessed as a Missionary, and that his life as a Returned Missionary is great because of the service he gave for two years. I'm pretty sure he'll be coming back in December. I'll most likely still be working here in the Offices so I'll be able to see him and talk to him as Landon. (That sounds really weird.) I can't wait for you guys to see him. Tell him "Hi" and "Thanks" from me.
Changes were this week and everything went perfect. There were tons of Missionaries that had Changes. It was fun to see all of their faces and the smiles they had, all excited for the new Change to start. I am way excited as well. I think I am now accustomed to what I have to do as Personal Secretary. So this Change is going to be more organized and less stressful. I am really excited to start working on a new Change again. :) The new Missionaries all look great and look like they are going to be leaders in the Mission. It is so fun to see the excitement that the new Missionaries have as they enter into the Mission Field. It just brings a new fresh spirit to the Mission. I would never go back to being a New Missionary again, but I absolutely love the energy they bring to the work.
I did a lot of cleaning this week because I like living in a clean, up-kept house. Slowly, but surely, the house is getting more and more organized and cleaner. If I'm going to be living here for a while, I don't want to have to put up with dust and bugs and other things that don't make it very comfortable. I'm used to it, but if I can make the living conditions better...why not?
Excellent News... I got a package this week! :) I was so excited. I received the paper that said I had a package in the Post office on Monday, but we weren't able to go to the Post office until yesterday. All that matters is that I got it! Thank you for everything!!!!
There is a tradition that the Peruvians have during the whole month of October. They make a special cookie called Turron. It is like a thick sugar cookie with lots of caramel and sprinkles. They are pretty good, but you do get sick of them. They make them all October long as the tradition of the month.
Family, we've made it to the year. Just keep going strong and we'll pass this year in no time. I'm going to put myself to work so that the time passes fast. I know that Heavenly Father is blessing us beyond what we could have ever dreamed of. I know that He is our Father in Heaven and that He really does love us. I am thankful to Him, for taking me in His arms for one whole year, and I know that He will do it for one more. Family, you are my inspiration and my life. I love you guys so much and miss you even more. Know that I have you in my mind and heart every day, and that you are never forgotten in my prayers. I love you. Take care and go cheer on BYU!!!
I love you!!!
Love you forever, Coco

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