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Monday, December 28, 2009

"It was the most perfect Christmas that a Missionary can have!"

December 26, 2009 - Hey Beautiful and Wonderful Family,
What an excellent day yesterday was. It was so good to be able to talk with each one of you and hear your voices. You all sound great. Dallis, you sound just like Chase. It is amazing. I cannot wait to see you all. I actually made it through the phone call without crying, but right when I hung up, the tears came out. It wasn’t because I was sad; it was because I was overfilled with the joy of being able to talk with my perfect family. I love you guys so much. We went to dinner afterwards and it was fun to spend the night with the Canches Family. We ate pig and turkey with rice and then had soda and cake for dessert. We also watched the second part of my High School Musical with Whitley and they loved it. We then went outside and lit off some fireworks, and about every single one was illegal in the United States. It was way fun. It was the most perfect Christmas that a Missionary can have: being with President in the morning, talking with the family in the afternoon, and finishing the day with a wonderful member family. I loved my second Christmas in the Mission. It was so fun to sleep at President’s house and feel just like I was in my own house with parents and everything. And guess what? President invited us today to do it all over again for New Years!!! That means this week, we will again be going to President’s house to spend the night and celebrate. I cannot believe it. I am so blessed. Please do not worry about me because I am being more than taken care of. I feel so spoiled and special. I love it. No more Holiday Seasons in the Mission. We are done!!! For the next Thanksgiving and Christmas, I will be sharing the table with you and it is going to be great. I absolutely cannot wait. I love you so much and cannot wait to see you. I am glad that you all liked my gifts. I had fun getting them together. Thanks Mom for putting presents under the tree for me again. I cannot wait to open them when I get home. I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait until Christmas to open them, but they will be opened with excitement because I already want to open them. I love you so much. Thank you family for being so sweet. I honestly have the perfect family and I would never do anything to change it. I love you so much and never forget it. WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! I write over and over again in my journal that I will never be able to thank Heavenly Father enough for the special blessing he has given me of having the best family on earth. I love you guys so much. Take care. Have a very Happy New Year!!! I’ll be writing in a week. I love you so much!!! Love you forever, Coco

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