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Monday, January 4, 2010

¡¡¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO 2010!!!‏

January 2, 2010!!!!!!!
Happy New Years 2010 Family!!!
Can you believe it? We are already in 2010. (Theme Music—“Home” by Michael Bublé) That’s right. It’s the year that I am coming home. (But we are not “trunky” at all…) It feels great. New Years feels the same as when we hit the year mark. The time is really passing.
Fun News: I received some fun packages this week. I got a little package from G & G Olsen full of treats. Please tell them thanks for thinking of me and taking care of me and that I wish them a Merry Christmas, the same for G & G Quinn… I got an envelope with three letters full of little notes from members of our new ward, along with little cute notes from Mom and Dad. Thank you so much. And the best package of all…a red Old Navy blanket and the cutest and most awesome photo album of High School Musical from Whitley. It is an album with cool High School Musical quotes and our pictures from Tuachan throughout it. She said in her letter that Chase had seen it and that he was excited for me to receive it. I was so excited to get it. It is such a fun and cool album. Her mom also sent a photo of her family with a little note. What a blessing it is to know the Osborn Family. They are so sweet. Please tell them thanks as soon as you can and let Whitley know that I loved the album. :) Excellent News: I had my check-up interview with President this week and he told me some great news.
In the interview, I thanked him for Christmas and he told me, “No. Thank you for Christmas.” And then he asked, “Are you ready to do the same thing New Years Eve?” I couldn’t hold back my smile and we both just laughed. He then asked me if I had any questions or concerns and I told him that I was nervous wondering if I was staying in the Offices or leaving to the field. He told me not to worry and to calm down because he wants me to stay another change. I’M GOING 5 CHANGES!!! Just like you said in the phone call Mom. He told me he was very thankful for my work in the Offices and for everything that I do. I thanked him for the awesome privilege it has been so far to be here and that I would be more than happy to stay another change. I am way excited. This means that I will be here until at least the 24th of February. (Send Leslie’s Dad again… :)
New Years Eve was awesome! We played Monopoly and had to give up the game at 10:30pm to have enough time to eat dinner and then be able to watch the fireworks. I was winning when we stopped playing, so I am the current champion of Monopoly. :) President and Sister Pérez told me that they watched the Tuachan version of High School Musical and that they loved it. They said they were very impressed by my singing, dancing, and acting and the same for all who are in it: Chase, Whitley, and DeLaney. I think it is so fun that they are getting into the High School Musical groove as well. We ate a delicious dinner, as always, home-cooked by Sister Pérez and President. Then it was time for fireworks and they were going off everywhere. Everywhere was lit up by millions of fireworks that everyone was lighting off. I spent the time looking through the window reflecting on being in the Mission Field for one whole year. Remember? I entered into the Mission Field December 31, 2008. I was with Elder Dominguez and we lit off some sparklers and bought fun 2009 glasses and hats. This year, I was kneeling in the kitchen window on the 21st floor with Sister Pérez next to me and President next to her. It was way too perfect. Then we ate some strawberry pie with ice cream and started up a game of UNO. President went to bed a little early because he was having back problems from lifting a box wrong, but Sister Pérez held out strong the whole night. We were up playing UNO with Sister Pérez until 3:30am and then after cleaning up and getting ready for bed, we were all in pajamas and tucked in at about 4:00. What a fun night. In the morning, we had another delicious breakfast with homemade banana muffins and orange juice. We then enjoyed some more UNO and told jokes and then it was time to head back to the Offices. I absolutely loved being with President and his wife. He has so much knowledge of the Gospel and just understands it so clearly. And I truly love his wife. Sister Pérez is just like you Mom, always laughing and wanting to play games. I love joking with her because she always understands what I say and we usually agree on everything. I love her and President to death and I am so thankful that Heavenly Father spoiled me by letting me spend not only Christmas with them, but New Years as well. It was the best Christmas and New Years that a Missionary can have. Mom, this week is the preparation for changes and then the next week is Change Week. So I am going to have a busy two weeks… I am so glad that you all have callings. I don’t know if you know why it is so important that every member has a calling, but I realized why here in the Mission. It is especially important for new converts because a calling keeps the person active. Enjoy your callings and do everything that you can in them because it will bring our family even more blessings than we already have. You work hard there, and I will work hard here and then we’ll all be together before we know it working together. Family, I love you so much. Now officially, the Holiday Season has passed and we will be together for the next one. I love you. Take care. Love, Colyn


Jason and Whitney Powell said...

I'm so glad he's enjoying the mission like he is. He sounds so grown up! I cant wait to see what he'll look like when he gets home!

The Chappell's said...

Okay, Colyn - I asked your mom if you ever look at the blog and she said Yes! So just in case you see this - I am soo proud of you and grateful for your willingness to bring others to the gospel. Thank you so much for being such a great example to my boys - We love you!

Keep up the good work!

Love you, Jen