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Monday, January 25, 2010

"Thank him for setting the example for me."

January 23, 2010 - Hey Beautiful Family,
How’s everything going on the home front? Sounds like everyone’s busy with school, UTA, the new home, work, and lots of other fun things. I love it. My big news this week is that me and my companion have been leaving to proselyte with the new Gringo couple, Elder and Sister Earl. They are such a sweet couple and they have so many good intentions of being able to serve and teach the people. However, they are held back by the language. It’s hard because they don’t have a Latin companion to help them out. So my companion and I leave with them to help them. It’s really hard though. President doesn’t want me to speak any English with them, but it is hard because they are still learning the language. The thing is, they need to speak Spanish as much as they can even between themselves when they are at their house. That is how I learned, just speaking as much as I could until I just couldn’t think of the word or didn’t know how to conjugate the verb, but I also had a Latin companion that was always there to save me. I suffered and cried, but I made it through the learning Spanish phase and now I love the language. I absolutely love the Spanish language and I still have so much to learn. I am so excited to be able to speak Spanish with people in Utah and keep the language in my tongue. I am also excited to be able to speak Spanish with Davey. DAVEY COMES HOME THIS WEEK!!! Can you believe it? I cannot believe his two years are already up. I actually think he hits exactly two years today. Please tell him “Hi” for me, give him a huge hug, and thank him for setting the example for me. It has been so great to have a cousin in the Mission at the same time for 15 Months! That means I only have 9 Months left!!! The time is going to fly by. You are going to have so much fun being able to talk with him about his Mission, all of the experiences he has lived, and the people he has met. I can’t wait to talk with him in person when I get home. Like I have said before, what a moment it will be. The Quinn Family is going to have one Returned Missionary this week, and it will have two in November. It will come too fast…I’m still working on my huge January project with Hermana Campian so I am keeping really busy. We had a great talk with President this week about how to be a good husband, a good father, about putting 100% into whatever calling we have in the Church, and about not working for the money, but instead, living with the money you have. He said that a person should go after what they enjoy in life, and if they are keeping the Commandments and do all that they need to do, money will never be a problem. I love it. He is such a wise man and I love learning from him. We need to follow our dreams and put our all into everything that we do. I plan on doing it in every aspect of my life… On Monday, President took us to lunch at Rodizio’s again. It was so good and guess what I had for dessert? TIRAMISU!!! I finally tried Tiramisu after hearing about it so much in High School Musical. It is a really good dessert. I recommend it when you get the chance to eat it. I got a fun envelope this week full of letters written by the whole extended Quinn Family for the New Year and another letter from Grandpa and Grandma Olsen. We are officially the trunkiest family. Everyone is so excited that this is the Homecoming Year. But who wouldn’t be? I am way excited! About being in charge for the last time this change, I was just speculating. I say that because President Pérez is finishing in June and he has to prepare the Offices to bring in the new President so my Personal Secretary kid will be bringing him in. I have to prepare everything so that my “hijo” is ready to take the work I do and go. So Elder Steed and I are pretty sure that we are leaving this change, but no one ever knows. We are happy with however it turns out. We know we have been so blessed to be in the Offices in the time period that we have been here. It has been an amazing and beautiful experience. :) I love you guys so much. I know that this is the work of the Lord. There are always new Missionaries starting, others ending, and others that have trunky families…(I bet you don’t know who I’m talking about?... :) I am healthy and happy and loving the Mission. Les amo mucho y quiero que sepan que estoy feliz y muy agradecido por tener una familia tan buena. Cuídense mucho y no se olviden de su hijo y hermano que está en Perú. Love you forever,Coco

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