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Monday, April 5, 2010

"It's not that hard....."

April 5, 2010 - Hey Fantastic Family,
I am so sorry that you didn’t get to move this week. I feel you. But don’t worry. You will be moved in soon enough. Just don’t let not moving frustrate you. Everything will come in the Lord’s time. We just need to have patience…patience with everything. In Preach My Gospel, it says that we should always have patience. And then it says “especially with your companion.” We are doing fine now. I think I was just a little overfrustrated last week, but that doesn’t matter. I talked with my companion and just told him that I like leaving the house excited everyday so that I have desires to work and contact people. If we leave the house without being excited, the day is not very fun, and not a lot of work gets done. I told him that we just need to always be happy and never get down on ourselves. He is fine. I was just focusing too much on the little things last week. Sorry for worrying you. I was a big boy and told him how things are and how they should be. I am just never going to get discouraged again.
I really hope things work out with the home this week. I want you guys to move. I get that nervous feeling when you're at the top of the tallest hill on a rollercoaster just thinking about moving into a new home. I am so excited. “Just keep moving, just keep moving, what do we do? We move, move…Ah aha ah ah ah I love to mooove…” That’s me quoting Dori from Finding Nemo… Let me know when you are all settled in the new house.
This was an amazing General Conference!!! It was Gringo Weekend. We all piled in as Gringos into the Stake President’s air-conditioned office to watch Conference. It was so much fun. We enjoyed every moment of it. It was so nice to hear President Monson speak. He is such a loving Prophet. I know he loves us and is always watching out for us and trying to help us gain Eternal Life. All we have to do is follow him, and how hard is that? It’s not that hard, especially with the Family that we have been blessed with. We are already on the path to Eternal Exaltation as a Family and I am so excited to live with you guys forever. :)
This week, I went on a work visit with Elder Evans. His first name’s Colter. He is from Idaho and is such a neat kid. He has so many desires to work and has such a good heart. We celebrated his six-month mark together. He is my new Gringo friend. Elder Steed is still one of the best guys I have ever met, but I need to have a good friend wherever I go. I absolutely love Elder Evans because he is just a good-hearted kid with great intentions here in the Mission. We did a service project on Friday as a District. We tore down a deserted house. It was absolutely disgusting with spider webs everywhere and huge spiders, but it was fun to just destroy the house and take it down. There was one spider that was the size of my hand with its legs stretched out and it ran so fast. Ugh, it was really gross. The good thing is...there are many spiders like that, but they don’t do any harm. They just live and eat the flies and mosquitoes. I don’t worry about spiders and stuff, but I sure don’t like seeing them… Dallis would have been freaking out… :)
So we just found out changes and…I’M STAYING IN PUCALLPA!!! I’m staying right where I am as District Leader, and with the same companion. I am so excited. :) My companion and I are so excited because we get along and we have a nice house, and we have great members in our ward. We also are not ready to leave the converts that were baptized during this change, especially the Vela-Panaifo Family. They are too sweet to leave them so soon. That means that I will be here in Pucallpa until at least the 19th of May, which means I will be calling home for Mother’s Day from the jungle of Pucallpa, Peru. (Remember last year that I was in the jungle of Iquitos for Mother’s Day.) Let’s set up the phone call at Dad’s work again. I have a pretty good phone that always makes clear phone calls so everything will be okay. I can’t wait to hear your voices again…
Just keep going strong family. Dallis, have fun driving and be careful. Get moved in this week. I am so excited. If you remember me, please send me a couple good treats with a couple bags of Doritos that are other flavors than cheese (cooler ranch, ranch and taco/buffalo wings, etc.). If you could also e-mail me the lyrics to the HSM songs in Spanish, I would really like it. The members ask me to sing a lot at Family Nights and I sing to them HSM in English and they love it, but I know they would love it even more if I could do it in Spanish. Send that to me as fast as possible please. I love you so much and I am enjoying the Mission. Only 5 Changes left, 1 more General Conference, 1 more Birthday, and one more Phone Call, and I’ll be HOME!!! I love you family.
Love, Coco

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