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Monday, April 26, 2010

"I love praying."

April 26, 2010 - Halo mi Familia Linda y TRUNKASA!!!
We’re coming in on SIX MONTHS!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am always super duper excited!!! I have been counting down to Landon’s Wedding for my six month mark… I cannot believe that he is already getting married either. It’s crazy, but how good for him. He is going to be so blessed to get married and sealed in the Temple. Tell him “Hi” for me when you see him, and that Pucallpa is the best!!! He will laugh, I just know it…
I don’t have anything big to write that happened this week. We are working hard trying to find new people to teach and helping them get to Church every week. Please keep praying for my investigators so that they can receive answers to their prayers and so that nothing will keep them from going to Church on Sunday. Your prayers are the biggest help that I can have.
Interviews should be this week. President couldn’t come last week because of a conference he had so they are planning on coming this week. I really hope that Sister Pèrez comes as well, just so that I can see her. They only have one more change and then they are going home… I am really going to miss them. Oh my gosh, we had so much fun playing volleyball on Monday last week. The Ward members down here really know how to play, which makes it really fun. Last week, every seven points we switched teams and the team that lost every game got soaked with water balloons. It was a lot of fun. We might go and play volleyball again today with them. I love it. My companion is not a super sports guy. I don’t think he played sports a lot in Guatemala. It is funny to watch him play; he is just not that hand-eye-coordinated… It is a fun show… :)
Mom, Praying to our Heavenly Father is an easy topic. Have fun with it and be creative. I know that you now have an even stronger testimony of prayer having your special boy in the Mission. I have totally gained a strong testimony of prayer. I have taught some people how to pray because they had never prayed before. Some couldn’t do it because they believed that they were talking to air and not to a personage. What faith we have as members of the Church that there is a God that exists and listens to our prayers. Others don’t know what to thank God for and others what to ask Him for. Our prayers are perfect. Our prayers are sincere and we just express to our Heavenly Father everything that we need and want to say. I love praying. I feel closer to you guys when I pray, and I love asking God to bless you guys. He has helped us make it this far and will help us Endure to the End… I love you Mom!!!
I love you so much family. Have fun in school! Good luck in everything. Chase should be graduating from SLCC this week. How fun! Good luck Bud!!! Have fun at Landon’s wedding… I LOVE YOU!!! Never forget about me and take care. I love you so much. I pray always that God will protect you and watch over you and I know He is… I’ll talk to you next week…
Love you Forever, Coco
P.S. Two weeks until the phone call!!! WAHOO!!!

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