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Thursday, July 1, 2010

"I feel so loved!"

June 24, 2010 - Hey Super Family,
I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to write until now, but here I am. Today is the 24th of June, which here in the Jungle of Peru is a huge Holiday. Dìa de San Juan. It is a day that everyone celebrates the remembrance of John the Baptist. Remember that last year, I was in Iquitos for this Holiday. Everyone eats Juanes which are the rice balls, with olives, chicken, and boiled eggs… I am not a huge fan of Juanes, but I can eat them…
President and Sister Pèrez’ Farewell was so nice. We had the interviews Monday morning and then in the afternoon, we all went to lunch and had chicken, french fries, salad, Coca-Cola, ice-cream, and just pure good conversation. Of course, I sat next to President and Sister Pèrez because it was the last moment that I was going to be able to share with them. I love them so much, and they love me too. In my interview with President, I told him thanks for everything and I told him that my family and especially my parents were very thankful for everything that he and his sweet wife have done for me. I also thanked him for helping me progress. He told me “no” that he didn’t do anything, but that I was the one that had done everything to progress. What a humble and nice guy. He also told me my Change, but I will wait to tell you guys on Monday… You are going to be surprised… It was a super nice last interview with President Pèrez. Sister Pèrez was really nice. I had a quick conversation with her while everyone else was occupied and she thanked me for everything, for being more that just a Missionary and friend for them, but more like their son. She gave me a sweet gift from them: a white tie for the Temple. On the back it says: “Un Nivel Màs Alto” and their names. I"ll let you guys look up what it means. It is a really special gift. Sister Pèrez was super funny saying that she is super “trunky” right now, and her husband as well. She says that it is impossible to not be “trunky” when the time is almost up. She says that her family reminds her every minute how much time is left (hmmm, who does that remind me of???). She says that it is okay to be “trunky” but we just have to work until the end. ETTE. I didn’t cry, but I felt really satisfied with everything that they said. I am going to miss my Uruguayan parents. But everything is okay.
I recieved some letters and cards from converts and members. The best cards were from Gladys and Estrella Canches from Independencia. I also received a package from Bailee Paxman…DORITOS!!! I feel so loved…
Family, just know that I am super good and will be writing soon…Monday. I love you so much. Take care and be excited for the Changes!!! I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!
Love, Coco
PS. I love that Chase and Dallis miss me… I love you so much…

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