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Thursday, July 29, 2010

"HE chose the perfect place for me to be...Peru."

July 26, 2010 - Hey Wonderful Family…
I now don’t need to worry about you guys too much because I know that you are doing okay. I also know that we don’t have that much time left and I will be able to see you, hug you, and talk with you, but there is still time left to keep working…
So, not much happened this week in my life either. We just keep on working hoping for the best in every moment. We are currently teaching a really cute family. The mom and kids were at Vania’s baptism last week and now we are teaching them. The dad is a hard worker, 24/7, and when he is in his house he is sleeping, but we were able to talk to him one time for about 15 minutes. The parents aren’t married so the mom isn’t going to be able to get baptized yet, but she attends Church and listens to the lessons, and is totally supportive of her kids… The kids, however, are so ready for baptism. They are so smart and intelligent… Carlos is the oldest. He is 14-years-old and is a reader. He loves to read and is a very patient kid with his two Little twin sisters… Samantha and Ana. They are both 8-years-old and even more intelligent than Carlos it would seem. They are full of giggles and are constantly laughing and they make everyone else around them laugh as well... It is so much fun to teach the three of them with their mom because they always understand, answer questions, and participate in the lessons. We always leave from that house satisfied with the visit and we have more gull to keep working… The kids are preparing to get baptized on the 7th of August so please pray for them… Pray especially for their parents so that they can get married. This way the mom will get baptized and be the example for the dad. He’ll come around when he doesn’t have to work and study every single day… Pray for them…
So, we tried playing volleyball last week, and it was absolutely horrible. It was nothing like Pucallpa. Nobody wanted to play, nobody knew how to play, and I just felt so small compared to the rest of the world… Okay, maybe I’m overexagerating, but really it wasn’t fun at all. I’ll just have to wait until I am back in Pucallpa to enjoy an exciting game of volley… But it wasn’t a total loss of the day because the Nelson Missionary Couple prepared us all home-cooked hamburgers. I put a ton of onion on my hamburger just like I love it. They were so good. It is so fun to have a married couple in our Zone because they spoil us to death… :) But as for volley, I will just keep the talent hidden until it comes time to use it. :)
Our Ward had such a fun activity on Saturday. It started off with a Gastronomic Festival of food from all parts of Peru: jungle, coast, and sierra (mountain range). It was so much fun to try food from every part of Peru. I was super full by the end. Then there was a Ward Talent Show and who was going to miss out on that? I had to participate of course… There were so many great numbers: sketches, songs, dances, and every other talent you can think of. One guy immitated Michael Jackson and did the moonwalk. Everyone said that his feet moved like if they were to have wheels on them. The Young Women did an awesome dance to Beyonce’s song “All the Single Ladies” and the the Young Men also performed a cool dance. It was so fun. I sang a Spanich pop song called “Coleccionista de Canciones” by Camila. It was so much fun. The best part was that a good member friend of mine, Ivan, accompanied me on the guitar. We didn’t have much time to practice and the performance was a little rough but everyone loved it, the Bishop, the Stake President, the children, the girls, the guys, everyone. Ivan was so nice to help me out and he did a great job. Yesterday everyone was calling me Elder Camila and we would just laugh and laugh. It was so much fun! I felt like I was back in my place where I love to be…on stage singing my heart out for an audience that just wants to take it in… Oh, I cannot wait to be back on a stage with lights, microphones, music, costumes, props, and everything… I honestly miss it so much. But there’s not that much left.
It feels so weird being in the Mission and starting to get old. I am one of the oldest Missionaries as for the time in the Mission… I know that I can do it. I know that I can Endure to the End. Like President Mickelsen always said, “You only need two things in the Mission to have success: Hard Work and Obedience.” That is all I want to do so that the time just keeps flying by and so that my companion and I can have even more success… I love being a Missionary and I love serving the Lord. He chose the perfect place for me to be…Peru. I love it here and can’t believe that I don’t have that much time left to live with my Peruvian Family. Pray for me always. Pray for my investigators. Pray for my converts. Pray for my Mission President. And always pray for our family. I love you guys so much and miss you even more. Take care until next week and please don’t forget about me… :) I love you.
Love you forever,

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nikkipicky said...

Glad to see the updates...Colyn seems to be doing great in Peru. What a wonderful experience for him, one he will never forget. ;)

Hope your family is doing good.