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Monday, August 16, 2010

"She means the world to me"

August 6, 2010 -
My Splendiferous Family,
So I wasn’t able to write until now because we were in Trainings all week long. They were excellent. Monday through Thursday, from 8:30am until 4:30pm, we were in the Offices receiving new trainings that the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles have established. Starting in May 2011, the Missionary Training Centers are going to start training the Missionaries using a different system so they have to start capacitating the Missionaries that are already in the field so that by the time the new Missionaries get here, we are on the same level. It was wonderful. Basically, I had a whole week full of the Spirit because I really felt like I was learning. These trainings are going to help us out so much more. Basically, the Prophet and the Apostles want us to start depending more on our Heavenly Father rather than on President or other leaders for help in receiving revelation on how to help out our investigators. It is going to help us out a ton. It will also help us focus on listening to the Spirit more and trying to follow His promptings always. The work is much more full of the Spirit this way and I love it. And because of these trainings, I wasn’t able to write until today.
But why am I writing at this hour of the day??? We had P-Day today because on Monday we were in trainings… We took our Zone to the Center of Lima today and it was lovely. The sun was out and shining bright so we weren’t freezing all day, which was excellent. We had time to go to the Museum of Natural History and shopping and lunchtime together at McDonald’s (MickeyD’s)… It was just a fun day. I found some really good places to shop and was able to buy a few more Nativity scenes. They are so cute, with the Peruvian beanies and everything. I still haven’t been able to find a Jungle Chess Set, but I should find it before I go home… You guys are going to have a blast when we come down here. We had a sweet member Mom go with us today and she showed us the sweet shortcuts and the best places to buy cool things for the cheapest prices. She also said that she would be more than happy to go with us when we come to Peru as a family… The people are so loving and kind down here. You honestly do not need to worry about me. You know the Lord is taking more than care of me. We really are so blessed!!!
What else do I want to tell you??? Well everything, but I don’t have time…
So, I got the Zone to watch High School Musical 3 fair and square. Nobody really wanted to watch it, but we all put the movie that we wanted to watch in a hat and mine got pulled out four times fair and square… They all really enjoyed it; they just don’t want to admit it… Hahaha… :)
Oh my gosh… I got my package!!! I couldn’t believe the generosity of the package. All of the hygienic stuff is really helping out. Thanks. Thanks for all of the treats as well. The other Missionaries and members have enjoyed them as well… :) I was so happy to receive the hand-written letters from the family. The winner would definitely have to be Chase’s letter, which was only drawings, but they mean the world to me. I love the one with Dallis, Chase, and me all sleeping together on Christmas Eve…December 24, 2010!!! WAHOO!!! I can’t wait… :)
So I got a phone call from the Assistants the other day while they were in Iquitos. They gave me a phone number and told me to call it telling me that it had something to do with Hermana Yolanda, the convert that I adopted as my Grandma. (Mishel and Anthony are her grandkids.) I called and couldn’t believe the news they told me. Her health has been really delicate lately and come to find out that she had been in a coma for 9 days when I made the phone call, which was the 28th of July. They said that everything in her body was now working fine and that they were just waiting for her to wake up, and they wanted me to just be aware of it. I don’t know how she is doing now, but we need to pray for her. Please pray for Yolanda and for her family. I want everything to be OK. She means the world to me and I want you guys to meet her more than anything so you can see the lovely and kind person that she is. I love her. So please keep her in your prayers and I will try and get more information about her status as time goes on…
Other than that, I am doing perfectly fine. And it sounds like you are doing great. Mom, that is the funniest Tipanogos Hiking Trip story I have ever heard. I was laughing the whole time I was reading your letter. Thanks for telling me. Are you now done with summer semester and can just rest for a while? I sure hope so because you deserve it!!!
Chase, good luck in Hairspray! You know that I think you are a Superstar…well, the two of us. Duh… I love that you haven’t lost your groove. You are awesome. Take care Bud.
Dallis, I can’t believe you’ll be driving when I get home. That is crazy.
Dad, we are definitely going to hang out all day long when I get home, be it in front of the television, in St. George, in Disneyland, in New York, or in Peru, we are going to be together. Father and Son Forever… I love that…
Family, I love you so much. Take care until I talk to you next… I love you!!!
Love, Coco
P.S. The next time I write I’ll be telling you about Changes because they are this coming Wednesday, the 11th of August. Who knows what will happen???...I love you.

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