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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"I remember why I am out here..."

August 30, 2010 -

To Chaser -
You are going to have so much fun at College. Just be careful okay. Don't go off and do stupid things. Think of it as the High School Musical Summer, just a little bit more calmed down... Remember to sleep. Don't stay up all night, every night with your friends... Do your homework and don't procrastinate. And get all of the big projects done so that by the time I get home you won't have anything to do, and we can just hang out!!! WAHOO!!! I can't wait Bud...(Everywhere I go, I carry around the picture you drew of us three brothers sleeping together on Christmas Eve because that is what I am most looking forward to. I don't care if we are getting older, we can still be little kids inside. Christmas is the best time of the year!!! And everytime I pull out the picture, I remember why I am out here and it motivates me to just keep Enduring to the End... Thanks for the pictures... Send me more...)
I love you bud and can't wait to watch your performance of Hairspray... Just a little bit more...
Love, Colyn

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