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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"You get the first hug and kiss."

August 30, 2010 -

Hey Happy Family,

WOW!!! 22 Months down…2 to go… Can you believe it??? It almost seems like time doesn’t even exist anymore. It just keeps passing before our eyes, and it’s hard to believe that this experience really is shortly coming to an end. I’m turning 21 this week!!! 21 years have passed by so fast. Can you believe it? It seems like yesterday that I was in the Hope of America Program, going to the Space program at Provo Elementary, winning the State Championship as a Philadelphia Phillie in Baseball, playing a tricky salesman in Anything Goes and an All-Star Basketball Player in HSM, and graduating from Riverton High School and SLCC. Time just FLIES by!

BYU Football starts this week!!! Wahoo!!! Go Cougars!!! I’ll be home in time for the Rival Utah game. I am so excited…

And tell Dad, "Are you Kidding Me??? Of course I'll be awake to talk to you"... It don't matter if I'm wide awake the whole plane ride home, I will not be able to sleep when I get off the plane because I will be so excited to just sit and talk with you guys... I don't plan on sleeping for like three days straight... We are going to have so much to catch up on... All I know is that I am going to see you guys, break into tears, hug you, and then just start laughing because of how happy we are all going to be... Mom, just make sure you are first in line. You get the first hug and kiss.

Wow. That day is going to come so fast. I love you so much…

Take care until next week. I love you!!!

Love, Coco

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Jason and Whitney Powell said...

WOW! only 2 months left. I cant believe it! Im so excited.