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Thursday, July 29, 2010


July 19, 2010 - Hey Family,
How’s life going for everyone? I’m doing pretty good. Other than being freezing cold all the time, the Mission is going fine. We had a baptism this Saturday. I had the privilege of baptizing Vania Nicole Chavez Rodriguez. Her grandma is a recent convert to the Church of ten months. I feel bad for Vania because her parents are separated. Her dad doesn’t support her in anything and her mom lives in Italy working, so she is in her grandma’s custody. She has gone through so many trials and really wanted to get baptized to have the comfort of the Holy Ghost in her life. This is another reason that I thank Heavenly Father everyday for having such a special family that will always be together and will never be able to separate. I LOVE THAT THOUGHT!!! I LOVE MY ETERNAL FAMILY!!!
I got a package this week from the Canches Family in Independencia. Estrellita sent me a little note with a Machu Picchu bag and a Peruvian beanie. (I currently have the beanie on because it’s so cold outside…) I love their family so much and can’t wait to visit them before going home… :) I’m still waiting to receive that package that you guys sent. I can’t wait to get it…
Oh by the way, the address of the Mission changed because the Offices got moved, but don’t worry, if you sent things to the old address, I will still be able to receive the packages and letters because the West Mission’s Offices are still in the same spot and they can just walk the things you sent over to the new North Mission Offices. The new address is (so that you can tell everyone and start sending stuff there (I wouldn’t send things after the end of September because I don’t know if they’ll get here in time…):

Av. Carlos Izaguirre #124
Independencia, Lima 28

It’s a small world after all… This is so funny. So, I just got in my Ward in Comas and there is a Sister that just got back from her Mission like six weeks ago. Her name is Giovanna Julcapoma. We were at the Church the other day and she asked me if I was in the Peru MTC in November 2008. And just so you know, before talking with her, I thought she looked familiar. I told her yes and she told me that she was there too. She was Sister Thaxton’s companion. I couldn’t help but laugh and think about how fast the time passes by. She served in the Peru Arequipa Mission and now she’s a returned Missionary working hard in her ward and soon I will be too… It really is a small, small world…
So everything’s going fine. Today the Missionary Couple, Elder and Sister Nelson, are going to cook American hamburgers for us in the Chapel and we are going to have a volleyball competition. Finally… a little bit of volleyball. It just isn’t the same not being in the jungle…hot weather, shorts and sandals, with volleyball, without failure, every Monday… I miss it a ton. Not that much time left. Can you believe that half of July is already over??? I can’t believe it. July’s almost over, August is Extended Family Trip to Heber and the MPLN reunion at Landon’s house, September are Birthdays and school is back in session, October is General Conference and Halloween, and then there’s nothing left… It will pass before we know it… Just keep going strong and we’ll be so surprised by the speed of time…
I love you so much and miss you even more. Keep praying for me, for my comp, for the Missionaries in my Zone, for my investigators, for my converts, and for yourselves. You deserve it. I love you family. You’re the best!!!
Love you forever!!!

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