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Thursday, July 29, 2010

"...which would be a wonderful gift for me!"

July 5, 2010 -
My Dearest Family,
Today’s going to be a short note home because I just barely wrote you on Wednesday…and the most exciting news was the Change of Pucallpa to Lima. It really was hard to leave Pucallpa behind, but now I just need to keep working where I am and endure to the end… :) (2 Nephi 31:20)
On Thursday we had Zone Leader Conference. It was really nice. We got to meet the new Presdient and his sweet wife. President and Sister Blunck. He speaks Spanish really well, but his wife is just barely learning, but it will come with time. They also brought one daughter with them that will be leaving to serve in the Peru Cuzco Mission starting in September. Sister Blunck is really nice, just like any Gringo Mom. (She’s kind of a mix of you Mom, mixed with Elder Rich’s Mom…) :) She is really sweet with so many desires to learn Spanish and to help the Missionaries… President Blunck is really nice as well. He read with us 2 Nephi 31 and it was like Family Scripture Study, every one of us sharing what we thought about each verse. It was really interesting to have his perspective of the Doctrine and help me increase my knowledge and understanding. He is going to be a great President for this Mission…
I have a great ward here as well. It sure isn’t anything like Pucallpa, but I do have a great Bishop and great Ward members that are going to help us out a ton in the work. I am so excited to just get to work and have the members’ help because that makes everything nice. I don’t know if it is going to be Lima from here on out, but I think it will be. I think I am going to stay in the area where I am until I finish my Mission. Why do I think that? Well, I am going to send my Companion home this Change, so I will almost definitely be staying the next Change to take care of the area and the Zone. Then I will only have one more Change after that one, and I think I will just want to stay where I am to not have to get to know another area and other members and everything…unless it is possible that I go to the Jungle for my last Change, which would be a wonderful gift for me… But I think Comas is going to be my home for a while. Keep me unpdated on the weather there…Just so you know…it’s freezing cold, and there isn’t snow…just like we don’t like it. If it’s going to be cold there better be snow… :)
Hey, could you send me some ideas of fun activities that we could do as Missionaries in our Zone? I need ideas of activities. Also, send me a list of good recent Disney and animated cartoon movies (Pixar, etc.) because we can watch one movie a Change, but I would like to know which movies are good so we don’t just watch any regular movie… Not many are fans of HSM so I can’t make them watch it… Go HSM!!!
Just so you know, my P-Day is every Monday except for the week that we go to the Temple. Here in Lima, we go to the Temple once a change. I don’t know what week or day that it will be still so it might come unexpected. Since the Temple isn’t open on Mondays, P-Day gets changed in that week so don’t worry if for some reason you don’t get an e-mail from me on Monday. I will write on the day that we go to the Temple, but if I know beforehand, I will let you know so that you won’t have to worry too much. I know you worry just because you love me. I love you so so so much…
Just keep praying for me and know that I love you all and miss you even more. July is already passing by. Can you believe it? Only 3 Fast Sundays left… I love you. Take care in all that you do…vacation, school, work, home, Church callings, worrying about your boy in Peru, everything… I love you so much. Take care until next week. LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!
Love, Coco

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