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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Just having a terrific day"

August 15, 2009 -
Hey Perfect Family, How’s everybody doing? I think that everything sounds like it’s basically perfect; you’re just missing one member of the family at home… :) I’m so glad that you all enjoyed Elder Nemelka’s Homecoming. The pictures look great. And Mom, yes, that hug was from me to you. I knew that Elder Nemelka would give it to you with the greatest amount of love that anyone could. I absolutely love the photo of you guys with Elder Nemelka and the other one with the other families and Returned Missionaries. I have to say that we are a family full of studs and a one amazingly beautiful Mom. Dad, well, let’s just say that you haven’t changed a bit… :) I’m just kidding, you look really good. Mom, holy cow, you look great. You look so happy and perfect. I was so glad to see a huge, laughing smile on your face. Oh, how I can’t wait to see you in person… :) Chase, my new look-a-like… :) I don’t know about that, but bud you look great... Dallis, how tall are you? I can’t believe it. I love seeing you guys. It helps me know that you are happy and still going on with life. What a perfect family I have. I love you guys so much.
As The Office Crew, we get a lot more privileges. Today was an awesome day. We had the awesome opportunity of hanging out with President Pérez and his daughter Carolina in their house. That’s right, the house on the 21st floor of the building next to the golf course in the pretty part of Lima, Miraflores (San Isidro), right by the ocean. It is such a good place for President to live. We went there and he made us a delicious lunch: roast beef, mashed potatoes, salad, bratwurst, BBQ sauce, Coca-Cola, spaghetti, and brownie ice-cream to finish the meal. We were also able to watch Madagascar 2 with him, and we laughed throughout the whole show. I absolutely loved being with President. He is such a humble, knowledgeable, and kind person. He is really like my Uruguayan and Peruvian Dad. He takes such good care of me and I love him to death. I would spend all day, every day with him if I could. I really enjoy the moments when he is around. He knows so much about the Gospel and shares so much with us. You would also love to meet him… On Monday this week, President invited The Office Crew to lunch, and you’ll never guess where we went… CHILI’S… that’s right. There is a Chili’s in Peru and it was so good. But that wasn’t even the best part. President knows that I love High School Musical, and that I played the part of Troy in it with Whitley last year. He teased the waitress, telling her that I was Troy Bolton from High School Musical and that at the end of my meal, I should receive some cake and ice-cream like they give for free when you have a birthday. She got a kick out of it. I ordered the good quesadillas they have there with a frozen lemonade. It was delicious. Then, the funniest part of the meal… President tells me to sign a napkin as Troy Bolton. I signed my signature that I signed on all of the programs last year with “Elder Quinn” written beneath it. President then took the napkin and put it with his credit card to pay for the meal. It was so funny. I didn’t get any cake or ice-cream, but I thought it was way funny that President picked me out of the group to help tease the waitress. He is such a funny person and has me laughing all of the time. I really have such a good friendship with him and am so excited for the time I have to spend with him.Today was also a great day because we had a BAPTISM… My companion, Elder Sandoval, baptized Carmen Ermilia Teran Taco. She is an awesome older, single lady, who is very smart and gained a testimony really fast. We had some conflicts involving her sister Luzy, but she survived through it and was baptized in less than three weeks. She is so great and I can’t wait to form an even better relationship with her. Her sister America, and her niece Sarah, are lined up to get baptized next week. Pray for us to help these baptisms turn out. They are all three awesome people and I will update you next Saturday about how their baptisms went. The baptism tonight is also another reason why I am writing so late. We got home from President’s house and then had to leave right to the baptism. That’s why I am writing you right now, but know that I am perfectly fine, and was just having a terrific day.

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