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Sunday, August 23, 2009

"What a conversation it will be..."

August 22, 2009 - I saw the photo of Davey and Nathan. They both look great. Davey is such a stud. He looks like such a good Missionary. He looks like he is just filled with Mission experience and stories. You know, he’s going to be home before we know it… I can’t wait to be able to talk with him about our Missions when I get home. What a conversation it will be…Nothing really big happened this week, but there is some surprising news. My companion, Elder Sandoval, and I left a little late from an appointment on Tuesday night. We ran to the main street where we always hop on a bus to get taken home, but there weren’t any buses coming. So, my companion told me it would be better if we ran because we could arrive in the same amount of time. I agreed, and off we went. We crossed the street and headed for the MegaPlaza, a huge American Mall close to our house (The Offices.) As we were passing MegaPlaza, the pavement changed to small rocks and dirt. I was in front of my companion running, and suddenly I heard, “Compi…Compi…” I turned around and found my companion helping himself to the ground. He had twisted his ankle really bad and it was hurting him. He couldn’t walk so we called a taxi, hopped in, and were brought to The Offices. He called President and got permission to go to the hospital. And off we went again. I was in a Peruvian hospital. I know it’s weird, but it was actually nice. Anyway, they had to take x-rays of my companion, and come to find out, he had fractured his foot. Yes, that’s right; my companion is currently in his bed with a cast on his right foot… We were in the hospital until 1:00 in the morning… But everything is okay. I am perfectly fine because I have hand-eye-and-foot coordination… :) But my companion could use some prayers to help the bone to seal well and fast so that he can get back to work like normal. It’s harder to get out because I have to wait for two members everyday to come to pick me up and bring me home, one with me, and one to be with Elder Sandoval…Good news… President invited us to lunch on Thursday… He invited us to pizza, but not just any pizza… Papa John’s Pizza… That’s right, Papa John’s… It was so good and delicious. I honestly loved just sitting around as The Office Crew eating Papa John’s Pizza and drinking Coca-Cola with President Pérez. I am loving the Mission and enjoying every moment that passes. Life is good here in the Field.
Later that night on Thursday, Elder Rich and I got in a stamp fight. He being a wrestler, obviously overtook me, and I left with black ink all over my face. I took some pictures and recorded a video of the aftermath… I know that when you guys see it, you are just going to think what a weird kid Colyn is, but I had fun… Life is to enjoy… I have decided to enjoy it to the maximum… I have a billion plans already in action for when I get home… We are going to enjoy life as a family.
Family, I honestly know that we are in the only True Church of God. I am so thankful for the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and Eternal Families. I love it because it means we are going to be together FOREVER!!! There are not four other people I would rather spend Eternity with than my two studly Brothers, my tender-hearted Dad, and my gorgeous Mom. I love you guys so much and you already know that I miss you so much… We are all doing great. Let’s just keep going… I love you. Take care until next week.Love, Coco

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The Chappell's said...

Wow! I am so impressed with Colyn. He is taking his mission by the horns and really making it worth it! I love that!

It is so fun to read about what he is doing and how everything is going for him.

I have only one request - if he could refrain from talking about his "awesome family" and then describing their awesomeness individually, I would appreciate it. Because every time I read about you guys (coming from him) it makes me cry. (Guess, I'm kind of tender hearted - like his dad.)Other than that - I think that it's great to hear the things he says about you.

Thanks so much for the updates!